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Research Interests:

My research interests are to understand how the environment controls life processes and how living organisms have evolved to respond to environmental pressure. There are currently three main avenues in which I am addressing these issues: digestive physiology and air breathing in loricariid catfishes of the genus Panaque that use wood in their diet; determinants of variance in exercise performance and hypoxia tolerance in marine fishes and the relevance of swimming and hypoxia tolerance to predicting success in a changing ocean; and the effects of urbanization on exercise performance and thermal tolerance of a small stream cyprinid.

Recent Publications:

Vandamm, J., S. Marras, G. Claireaux, C. A. Handelsman & J. A. Nelson. 2012. Acceleration performance of individual European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax measured with a sprint performance chamber: comparison with high-speed cinematography and correlates with ecological performance. In press: Physiological and Biochemical Zoology.

Williamson, N. E., J. J. Cech Jr. and J. A. Nelson. 2012. Flow preferences of individual blacknose dace (Rhinichthys atratulus); Influence of swimming ability and environmental press: Environmental Biology of Fishes.

Nelson, J. A. AND A. M. Dehn. 2011. The GI tract in air breathing. Pp. 395-433 In: Fish Physiology (v. 30): The Multifunctional Gut of Fish. (A. P. Farrell, C. J. Brauner, and M. Grossell eds). Elsevier, London.

Marras,S., G. Claireaux, D. J. McKenzie and J.A. Nelson. 2010. Individual variation and repeatability in aerobic and anaerobic swimming performance of European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax. Journal of Experimental Biology 213:26-32.




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