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Joel Snodgrass


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Research Interests:

In general, research efforts focus on the effects of aquatic landscape structure on the dynamics of fish and amphibian populations and communities, and the influence of human alterations of landscape structure on fish and amphibian population dynamics and evolution.

Recent Publications:

Casey, R. E., S. M. Lev, & J. W. Snodgrass. In press. Stormwater ponds as a source of long-term surface and ground water salinization. Urban Water Journal.

Brown, M. G., E. K. Dobbs, J. W. Snodgrass, & D. R. Ownby. 2012. Ameliorative effects of sodium chloride on acute copper toxicity among gray tree frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) and green frog (Rana clamitans) embryos. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31:836-842.

Dobbs, E. K., M. G. Brown, J. W. Snodgrass, & D. R. Ownby. 2012. Salt toxicity to treefrogs (Hyla chysoscelis) depends on depth. Herpetologica 68:22-30.




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