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Richard Seigel


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Research Interests:

My basic research philosophy is that one cannot be a good conservation biologist without first being a strong population ecologist, and, conversely, that an interest in conservation biology is a ethical requirement of anyone calling themselves a population ecologist. Thus, research in my lab is oriented in two main directions; studies on the evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles (using both field and experimental approaches) and studies on the conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles, which is almost exclusively field-oriented. My selection and recruitment of graduate students follows these approaches; of the 25 students I have mentored to date, about half have focused on evolutionary ecology and half on conservation biology. Students interested in either aspect of herpetology are welcome to apply to work in my lab.

Recent Publications:

Jones, P. C. et al. 2012. Range-Wide Analysis of Eastern Massasauga Survivorship. The Journal of Wildlife Management 76(8):1576–1586.

Pilgrim, M. A., T. M. Farrell, P. G. May, M. R. Vollman, and R. A. Seigel. 2011. Secondary Sex Ratios in Six Snake Species. Copeia, 2011(4):553-558.

S. J. Mullin and R. A. Seigel (eds). 2009. Snakes: Ecology and Conservation. Cornell University Press.




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