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Some video tutorials below have been created by Blackboard Inc.

Getting Started Building Your Course
Accessing Bb and Your Courses- PDF Adding a File or Folder - PDF
Quick Start - Website Creating a Menu Item - PDF
Instructor Responsibilities - PDF Understanding the Text Box Editor - PDF
Take a Tour - Movie Adding Contact Information - PDF
Copying a Course - PDF Textbook Publisher Integration - PDF
Course Navigation - PDF Adding a MashUp - PDF, Movie
Changing the Course Theme - PDF Customizing the Dashboard - PDF
Global Navigation - PDF, Movie Video Everywhere - PDF, PDF, Movie
My Blackboard - PDF Blackboard Connect - PDF
Course-to-Course Navigation - PDF, Movie  
Course Settings Creating a Course Announcement - PDF
Making Your Course Available - PDF Sending a Course Email - PDF
Exporting a Course Site - PDF  
Importing a Course Site - PDF Assignments
Setting Tool Availability - PDF Creating a Course Assignment - PDF
Course Language Pack - PDF, Movie Creating a SafeAssignment - PDF, Movie
User Language Pack - PDF, Movie Grading a SafeAssignment - PDF
Hiding Old Courses - PDF Using Multiple Attempts - PDF
Interactive Tools Grade Center
Calendar - PDF, Movie Adding a Grade Column - PDF, Movie
iCal Feed - PDF Adding a Calculated Column - PDF
  Downloading Assignments - PDF, Movie
Creating a Discussion Board - PDF Clearing an Assignment Attempt - PDF, Movie
Grading a Discussion Board - PDF, Movie Show/Hide From Student View - PDF
Managing a Discussion Board - PDF Adding Extra Credit Columns - PDF
  Grade Center History - PDF
Creating a Blog - PDF, Movie Grade History Options - PDF
Managing a Blog - PDF, Movie Creating Smart Views - PDF, Movie
  Show/Hide Users in Grade Center - PDF
Creating a Journal - PDF, Movie Customizing the Grade Center View - Movie
Creating Journal Entries - Movie Exporting Your Grade Center - PDF
Managing a Journal - PDF Assessment Item Analysis - PDF, Movie
  Automatic Regrading - PDF, Movie
Creating a Wiki - PDF, Movie Inline Grading - PDF
Managing a Wiki - PDF  
Grading a Wiki - PDF, Movie Advanced Tools
  Adaptive Release - PDF
Groups Enrolling Users - PDF
Creating Groups - PDF, Movie Removing Users - PDF
Creating Group Sets - PDF, Movie Changing User Roles - PDF
  Grade Center Reports - Movie
Tests, Surveys, and Pools Performance Dashboard - PDF
Creating a Test - PDF, Movie Activity Reports - PDF, Movie
Setting Test Options - PDF, Movie Bulk Deleting Your Course - PDF
Grading Assignments and Tests - PDF Tour the Content Management Feature - Movie
Building a Pool - PDF, Movie Retention Center - PDF
Extended Time on Timed Test - PDF NBC Learn - DOC
Creating a Random Block - PDF, Movie  
Grading by Single Test Question - PDF  
Import/Export a Test or Survey - Movie  
Tour the Question Finder - Movie  
Adding Test Options Exceptions - PDF  
Accessing the Test Access Log - PDF  
Exporting Test Questions - PDF  




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