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1.    What are the Minimum Technology Requirements for Bb 9.1?

To ensure Blackboard can function properly, please check the following website:

Blackboard's Browser Checker and Browser Support Information Website


1.   How do I make my courses available to my students (currently next to course link says (unavailable))?

Enter your Course
Click on Customization under Control Panel
Click on Properties
Select Yes for Course Availability
Click Submit

2.  Old courses are displayed in the My Courses module that I don't need anymore.

Click the gear icon to the upper-right corner of the My Courses module
Uncheck the boxes for the courses you do not want displayed
Use the up/down arrow buttons to the left of each course to click and drag, rearranging the order
Click Submit to save your changes
*Please note: You have a list of Courses on the My LearnOnline tab and on the Courses tab. Most people set the list on the My LearnOnline to just the current semester courses and have the Courses tab display all courses.

3.   How do I add a document to my course site?

Enter your course
Go to a Content Area (any link that has the Build Content, Create Assessment, and Add Interactive Tool menus)
Click on Build Content
Click on Item
Name the Item
Click Browse My Computer and attach the file
Click Submit

4.   How do I copy a pervious course's contents into a current semester course?

This document will step you through the process. Course Copy

5.    How do I check my Bb Student Enrollment?

Enter you Course
Click on Users and Groups under the Control Panel
Click on Users
In the Search Area select Not Blank at the second dropdown window
Click Go
You should then see all of your enrollments 

6.    I'm creating an Assignment and it does not allow me to link to a file in the LearnOnline Collection?

Blackboard has removed the feature to link a file from the LearnOnline Collection into an Assignment.  If your files are already stored in the LearnOnline Collection you can use the following workaround:

  1. Go to the LearnOnline Collection tab and locate the file

  2. Click on the file to download it to your local computer

  3. Go back to the course, create the assignment and click on Browse my Computer

  4. Search for the file that you saved to your computer

  5. Select your file and complete the Assignment settings


1.    Why do I NOT see my current semester courses, but still see old courses?

Student enrollment is processed from PeopleSoft.  Once your professor makes the course available you will be able to access the course
You may still see an old course, because your professor has not made it Unavailable yet.  Sometimes faculty keep course open for various reasons.  Bb Administrators CANNOT remove you from old courses, but you can remove them from being displayed. To do so, click the gear icon to the upper-right, uncheck all the boxes for courses you don't want displayed, and click Submit.






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