Student Startup Weekend

TU Student Launch Pad hosted its first Student Startup Weekend for student innovators and entrepreneurs in spring 2016. Check back to learn how you can participate in the next one.

The Student Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, hands-on experience where student entrepreneurs from different majors and educational backgrounds work to develop a startup. From initial pitches to development workshops, students are guided through the early stages of building a startup by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts from the Baltimore region.

On the final day, one promising startup wins $500 and is admitted into the Student Launch Pad's "Launch Program" to continue growing their venture.

More about student startup weekend

Participation Eligibility

Any student is eligible to participate. It doesn't matter if you are an education major or a business major, just bring an open mind and a great idea.

  • Any undergraduate or graduate student from any Maryland college or university is eligible to participate.
  • Only Towson University students are eligible to receive prize money. (The competition award will be processed as a scholarship and processed through the Financial Aid Office and Bursar’s Office. In the unlikely event that this award pushes you beyond any of your total financial aid limits, your other aid may be reduced by the amount of this award, which could leave with no net gain or loss from this award.)
Registration Process

The goal of this program is to find promising student startups and put them on track to successfully launch their venture. Interested students should follow the link below to register. A member of the Student Launch Pad team will then contact you to answer any questions you may have about the weekend.

Important Dates

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Startup Coaches

Entrepreneurs and other industry experts with diverse insights are needed to serve as Startup Coaches to guide students through the Startup Weekend process. Coaches help students to look at their startups from different perspectives and help them to navigate any road blocks they may hit in building, validating, or pitching their ideas. Coaches are asked to attend the entirety of the event, or for multiple days. However, we understand this is a great commitment. As such, coach slots are broken into 4 hour blocks.

Schedule / Structure

Coaches are on-hand to advise and guide students through the entire process. During group work times, entrepreneurs and other industry experts discuss customer development, validation, creating an MVP, as well as business essentials (marketing, finance, prototyping, business planning, legal).