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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between a sport club and a varsity athletic program?

All sport clubs are student-run. All clubs are organized and led by students of Towson University. The clubs range in nature from recreational/instructional to competitive. While varsity athletic sports are funded by the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and compete in the NCAA, the Sport Club Organization is funded by the Student Government Association and funds raised by each club.

Q: What is the difference between a sport club and intramural sports?

Sport clubs is a student run organization open to all full-time Towson University students. The sport clubs compete against other universities at both on campus and off campus locations. Intramural sports play on campus against other Towson students. Both program areas accept players of all skill levels.    

Q: Why should I join a sport club?

There are many benefits of joining a sport club at TU. They include, but are not limited to, getting the opportunity to participate or compete in a sport activity, developing leadership roles and creating memorable experiences with new friends who share the same interests as you.  

Q: How do I join a sport club?

See the Sport Club Listings section to retrieve contact information for any club you may be interested in joining. You can also stop in the Sport Club office, Burdick Hall Room 150, or call us at (410) 704-4612. 

Q: Do I need to have any experience to join a sport club?

There is No Experience Necessary. Although clubs do vary in competitiveness, they accept all skill levels and all individuals have the opportunity to participate.

Q: Are there tryouts for sport clubs?

Some clubs choose to conduct tryouts while others do not. When tryouts are held, the specific club will field multiple teams, allowing each individual an opportunity to participate with the club. Club officers, in accordance with the club's constitution, determine the tryout process. Currently, the Towson University Sport Club Organization does not allow any clubs to make "cuts".

Q: How much does it cost to participate in a sport club?

All costs vary for each sport club, depending on planned club activities. Please contact the specific club you are interested in to find out about all potential costs associated with the club.

Q: How are sport clubs funded?

The Sport Club Organization at Towson University is funded by the Student Government Association and individual clubs are allocated funds by the Sport Club Council. All sport clubs in good standing have the option to request funding. Any financial support gives is to be looked upon as a subsidy, with the remaining costs being paid by the club members and/or the club's general account. Clubs raise money through fundraisers, alumni donations and membership dues.

Q: How do I start a new sport club?

Please contact the Graduate Assistant of Competitive Sports at (410) 704-4612, orvisit the Sport Club office in Burdick Hall - Room 150 to set up a time to learn the entire process of starting a new sport club.

Q: Where do sport clubs practice and compete?

Towson University provides field space and gym space for the Sport Club Organization. Since Towson University cannot offer facilities for all of the sport clubs, the SCO provides funding for those clubs who must practice off-campus.

Q: Where do sport clubs play against?

While the level of competition may vary, the sport clubs compete against other universities and recreational teams throughout the nation.

Q: How do sport clubs travel to off-campus events?

Depending on travel plans and budgeting opportunities, clubs have the option to request rental vans, bus services, and airfare or provide their own means of transportation. Club officers submit travel itineraries and travel rosters for all off-campus events, which are approved by the Assistant Director of Sport Clubs. 

Q: Who is eligible to join a sport club at Towson University?

All full-time undergraduate, fee-paying students are eligible for full participation.

Those eligible for limited participation in our organization include:

  • Part-time undergraduate fee-paying students
  • Graduate fee-paying students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Coaches

Limited participation exludes members from the following:

  • Voting on club business
  • Holding office in the club or SCO
  • Receiving allocated funding as an individual

A signed liability waiver and valid TU OneCard must be presented to be eligible for participation in Sport Club activities.

NOTE: Freshman Transition Program (FTP) students may NOT participate in games or travel with Sport Clubs.

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