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Common Career Titles for Foreign Language from the Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Adult Literacy and GED Teachers
Career and Technical Education Teachers
Court Reporters
High School Teachers
Interpreters and Translators
Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers
Medical Transcriptionists
Middle School Teachers
Postsecondary Teachers
Self-Enrichment Teachers
Special Education Teachers
Technical Writers
Writers and Authors

Other Job Titles:
Bilingual Substance Abuse Counselor
Bilingual Office Administrator
Foreign Exchange Trader
Foreign Service Jobs
Foreign Social Worker
Tour Guide Escort


Additional Resources - Careers in Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages:


Vault Downloadable Guides

  • Vault Guide to International Careers

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  2. Click on the "Guides" tab on the far right
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Internships and Research Opportunities

Getting applied experience in your field is critical. The following resources will allow you to learn more about your department’s opportunities and process, as well introduce you to other major-specific internship posting resources.


TU Foreign Languages Internship Coordinators:

Research/Internship Opportunities:

Foreign Languages:




Careers and Jobs

The resources below are a starting point for your job search. In addition to making use of the Internet to do research, we encourage you to talk to people in the fields you are interested in (don’t forget to use TU’s Career Mentor Database) to learn more about specific opportunities and organizations.


Foreign Languages:




  • iHispano
  • Hire@TU Internship posts (search by major, employer, keyword, etc. under the “Jobs” tab)
  • and - search for “Spanish teacher”, “Spanish interpreter”, “Spanish translator”


The sample resumes are provided for your information. We encourage you to look at the resume sample for your major in addition to the other samples that are included in our resume sample database.

Below are sample interview questions for your field. In preparing for the interview, you’ll also want to review common interview questions (PDF) asked of all majors, thoroughly research the organization, dress professionally, and visit the Interview Skills section of the Career Center’s Web site. You can practice your interview skills online via Big Interview or schedule a mock interview with a Career Center staff member.


Interpreter and Translator Related Questions:

  • With what type of people do you have the most difficulty working?
  • Do you have a certain area of specialization or do you work on generic translation projects of many types?
  • What type of ethical dilemmas have you encountered as a translator and how did you deal with those?
  • How well can you understand different dialects and accents?
  • What would you do if you were interpreting and a person said something that you did not agree with or found upsetting?
  • What would you do if you were interpreting and a person used gestures which are not understood in the culture of the other person?
  • When you are interpreting, do you try to establish a relationship with the person or do you try to keep the relationship formal and more detached?

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Learn more about careers in foreign languages by visiting the career resource library.

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