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Health Science

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Common Career Titles for Health Science from the Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Health Educators
High School Teachers
Middle School Teachers
Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors

Other Job Titles:
Case Manager
Community Outreach Specialist
Community Outreach Coordinator
Director of Volunteer Services
Health Promotion and Wellness Coordinator
Social and Human Service Assistant

Additional Resources - Careers in Health Science

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  • Career Launcher: Health Care Providers
  • Career Launcher: Nonprofit Organizations
  • Vault Career Guide to Nonprofit Careers
  • Vault Career Guide to Nursing
  • Vault Career Guide to Physical Therapy
  • Vault Career Guide to Social Work
  • Vault Guide to Allied Health Care Careers

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Internships, Research, and FELLOWSHIP Opportunities

Getting applied experience in your field is critical. The following resources will allow you to learn more about your department’s opportunities and process, as well introduce you to other major-specific internship posting resources.

TU Health Science Department Internship Coordinator: Dr. Kathleen Gould

Research/Internship Opportunities:

Careers and Jobs

The resources below are a starting point for your job search. In addition to making use of the Internet to do research, we encourage you to talk to people in the fields you are interested in (don’t forget to use TU’s Career Mentor Database to learn more about specific opportunities and organizations.


The sample resumes are provided for your information. We encourage you to look at the resume sample for your major in addition to the other samples that are included in our resume sample database.

Below are sample interview questions for your field. In preparing for the interview, you’ll also want to review common interview questions (PDF) asked of all majors, thoroughly research the organization, dress professionally, and visit the Interview Skills section of the Career Center’s Web site. You can practice your interview skills online via Big Interview or schedule a mock interview with a Career Center staff member.


Health Education Related Questions:

  • How would you accommodate students with a variety of special needs?
  • How would you describe a developmentally appropriate curriculum?
  • What experience do you have discussing sensitive topics? Give us an example.
  • Say we're coming to your class to observe. Would we see your class as being more teacher- or learner-centered? Why? Give us examples.
  • How might skills-based instruction influence how you teach? Can you give us an example?
  • What would be the top three goals of your health education curriculum?
  • What are some ways you might communicate with parents during the year?
  • What are two different strategies you could use to make your learning environment emotionally healthy for all students?
  • Your administration tells you that you should teach an "abstinence only" sexuality curriculum. A freshman girl comes to you and confides that her boyfriend is pressuring her to have intercourse. What do you say to her?
  • You have a parent who calls you and tells you that he/she thinks that his/her child is using drugs. The parent wants your help in finding this out. What do you say?
  • Are you familiar with individualized education plans (IEPs)? What is your philosophy with regard to working with teachers, parents, and related services in developing and implementing the IEP?

Case Management and Community Outreach Related Questions:

  • Describe your experience in social services, especially working with women, children or chemical dependency.
  • Describe how you go about establishing a relationship with a client.
  • Describe how you motivate clients to change behaviors in their lives that keep them from succeeding.
  • Describe what actions you would take to engage a client who is using.
  • Describe how you would prioritize demands on your time, such as needy clients, clients in crisis, and paperwork.
  • Describe any experiences you have had working in a client's home.
  • What kind of things can you learn about a client in a home visit?
  • What kinds of experiences have you had working with mentally ill clients? How about threatening or violent behavior?
  • Describe any experiences you have had working with children from birth to 3 years old.
  • Describe your 'approach' to case management.
  • Describe your experience coordinating services with other providers.
  • Describe what kinds of documentation you have had to do?

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