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The Student Certificate in Project Management (SCiPM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is SCiPM?
Answer SCiPM, pronounced "skip-em" is the Student Certificate in Project Management (SCiPM) program of the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm®). The EBTM department has partnered with asapm® to offer the SCiPM exam for eligible students of Towson University.
Q.2. What are the benefits of taking the SCiPM exam?
  • SCiPM represents an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of project management to potential employers and lay a professional foundation for continued studies and advanced certification.
  • Successful students earn a certificate from asapm® which is jointly signed by the President of asapm® and the Dean of the College of Business and Economics, Towson University
  • Successful student names are listed on the asapm® website for verification by potential employers
Q.3. What are the eligibility requirements to take the exam?
Answer PMBA track students who have completed or slated to complete at a minimum the EBTM 443, EBTM 450 and EBTM 462 courses.  In case of a re-test, students who have completed all PMBA track courses in the last six months are also allowed to take the exam.
Q.4. How much does it cost to take the exam?
Answer The exam fee is $65. There are two components to the fees.
  • $15 student membership fee of asapm® which is valid up to one year. This fee is waived for existing student members
  • $50 examination fees
Q.5. How do I register for the exam?
Answer Follow all the steps below
  1. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements
  2. Print and fill out the SCiPM Exam Registration Form
  3. Submit (a) the completed application form with (b) a copy of your Degree Progress Report to the EBTM Department office (ST 314). Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from asapm® with instructions and payment code to facilitate payment of examination fees using credit card.
  4. Pay the examination fees ($65) at SCiPM Exam Fee Payment at asapm. Print a copy of the receipt of the payment emailed to you.
  5. Submit a copy of Exam fee payment receipt to the EBTM department office (ST 314) to confirm your registration. You will receive final confirmation of your exam registration noting the payment from the department office. Bring this approved form with you on the day of exam. You will not be allowed to take the exam without this final approval form.
Q.6. What is the content of the certification exam?
Answer The exam syllabus covers the technical and behavioral competences of the asapm® National Competence Baseline listed on the asapm® website (

The EBTM department has determined that the following courses: EBTM 443, EBTM 450 and EBTM 462 adequately cover the syllabus for the exam.

Q.7. What is the format of the certification exam?
Answer The exam includes sixty multiple choice questions with a time limit of 75 minutes. The current passing score is 42/60 (70%).
Q.8. How soon will I get my results and the certificate?
Answer Exam results in the form of Pass/Fail will be available within two weeks of the exam date in the EBTM Department office. The SCiPM certificate can be picked up from the EBTM department office after 6 weeks of the exam date.
Q.9. Who will sign the certificate?
Answer The certificate will be signed jointly by the President of asapm® and the Dean of College of Business and Economics, Towson University.
Q.10. How long is the certificate valid?
Answer The certificate is valid for a period of three years. It is non-renewable; the intent being that any student entering the field of project management will advance to higher levels of certification. Names of certificate holders are listed on the asapm® website for a period of three years to enable potential employer verification.
Q.11. What if I need to reschedule the exam?
Answer Notify the EBTM department office in writing by the appropriate deadline to postpone the exam until the next exam administration date. Failure to notify in writing will result in forfeiture of all fees. The student will need to re-register for the exam for the next scheduled administration date including payment of the relevant fees.
Q.12. Can I retake the exam if I fail the first time?
Answer Yes, one (and only ONE) retake is allowed for eligible students. Exam fees are $50 (if an existing asapm® student member), $65 otherwise.
Q.13. What do I need to bring to the exam?
Answer A copy of the final approval form provided by the EBTM Department office, H1B pencils, eraser and calculator. Scrap paper will be provided.
Q.14. What if I need to cancel?
Answer No refunds are provided for no-shows or cancellations. Students can request postponement of their exam to the next administration date by submitting their request in writing by the appropriate deadline to the EBTM Department office.
Q.15. What happens if the exam is cancelled due to bad weather?
Answer In case of university closure due to bad weather, the exam will be conducted on the date announced on the EBTM department website. If there is a weather related cancellation on the make-up day as well, students will be communicated of a new date via email.

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