College of Business & Economics

Department of e-Business & Technology Management

Seminar Series

The Department of e-Business and Technology Management encourages scholarship through a research seminar series that features faculty presentations of recent work to faculty and students within the department and College of Business and Economics.  Past seminar titles include:

DateLocationPresenterSeminar Title
12:00:00 PM
ST 216 Dr. Xiaolin Li An Empirical Examination of Factors Affecting the Adoption of Online Direct Sales Channel by SMEs
3:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Neeraj Parolia Program Performance - A conflict resolution perspective
11:00:00 AM
ST 310 Dr. Chaodong Han Emerging Market Penetration, Inventory Supply and Financial Performance
11:00:00 AM
ST 310 Dr. Tobin Porterfield Does Competition Affect Industry Outsourcing Decisions? Evidence from U.S. Manufacturers
11:00:00 AM
ST 310 Dr. Barin Nag Alternative Approaches to Auction Trading by Consortia in Multi Agent Systems: A Comparative Study
3:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. James Otto Comparing customer ratings from multiple reputation systems: The case of New York City hotels
1:00:00 PM
ST 309 Dr. Stella Taylor Social Media or Social Madness?
1:00:00 PM
ST 309 Dr. Chaodong Han Industry clockspeed and manufacturing inventory
1:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Xiaolin Li The Roles of Vendor, Customer and Relational Norms in ERP Customer Satisfaction and Positive Word-of-Mouth
1:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Zhili Tian Investment to Accelerate the Adoption of New Medicine
3:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Xiaolin Li Top Management Support and Diffusion of E-Procurement Systems in High Power Distance Cultures: The Empirical Evidence from China
3:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Barin Nag Modeling Agent Auctions in the Two Dimensions of Price and Quantity
3:00:00 PM
ST 310 Dr. Natalie Scala Assessing and Standardizing Military Unit Readiness

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