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The Department of e-Business and Technology Management encourages scholarship through a research seminar series that features faculty presentations of recent work to faculty and students within the department and College of Business and Economics.  Past seminar titles include:

Date of Presentation 10/7/2011
Time 1:00:00 PM
Location ST 309
Presenter Dr. Stella Taylor
Seminar Title Social Media or Social Madness?
Abstract The Internet has impacted the way businesses interact with consumers and suppliers. In 2009, McKinsey published the results of a survey asking approximately 1,700 executives about their companiesí use of Web 2.0 social media platforms. The study included use of video sharing, blogs, and social networking to connect with customers, internal staff, external partners, or suppliers. The results showed that 56% of companies use Web 2.0 to communicate with customers and that 69 % reported that their companies have gained measurable business benefits, including more innovative products and services, more effective marketing, better access to knowledge, lower cost of doing business, and higher revenues. However, about one-third of all respondents in McKinsey survey reported that their applications had yet to provide measurable benefits either when used internally or with customers or business partners. Surveys and case studies on how social media technologies can help organizations are suggestive but more empirical studies are needed to conclusively demonstrate the impact of social media tools. Therefore, in this study, we will aggregate data weekly for 50 Fortune 500 companies that utilize different social media technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, web publications and blogs to communicate with consumers for 12 weeks. To aggregate the data, we will be using ViralHeat ( which is a social media engine that provides statistics on companies and their communication with customers using Web 2.0. In addition, we will track the stock prices from NASDAQ for each of these companies weekly during these 12 weeks. We will develop regression models to test the key hypothesis that the use of social media networks are associated with higher stock prices while everything else is held constant.


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