Department of Chemistry
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Secondary Education (BS)

Students in the Secondary Education Program should choose the Chemistry Major (General Track). In addition to the courses required for the Chemistry Major (General Track), students in the Secondary Education Program are required to take the following courses from the list of electives (whichever one that was not taken to meet the core course requirements):

CHEM 401 Seminar in Chemistry
and either
CHEM 351 Biochemistry I or CHEM 321 Inorganic Chemistry.

The Chemistry Department recommends that Secondary Education students take also one of the following two advanced chemistry courses:

CHEM 391 Special Problems in Chemistry
CHEM 491 Introduction to Research in Chemistry.

Chemistry majors seeking certification must complete a total of 16 credits in Biology, Physics, and Earth/Space Science including BIOL 110 or BIOL 201 and GEOL 121 or ASTR 161. The Physics requirement for the Chemistry Major (General Track) fulfills 8 credit hours of this certification requirement. In addition, Secondary Education students must fulfill the University's General Education (GenEd) requirements and complete other courses required by the Department of Secondary Education.