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David Larkin

Professor Emeritus
Office: 584D Smith
Phone: (410)704-3052


Education B.Tech (1965) Loughborough University
Ph.D. (1968) Loughborough University
Postdoctoral associate (1968-1970) University of Texas (Austin)
Postdoctoral associate (1970-1972) Georgetown University
Teaching General Chemistry I,II (CHEM 110/111)
Introduction to Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 210)
Instrumentation in Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 310)
Advanced Lecture Topics (CHEM 461)
Advanced Laboratory Techniques (CHEM 462)
Research 1. Study of single crystal and polycrystalline metal surfaces to determine the kinetics and sites of metal deposition, in particular at silver surfaces. Techniques used are cyclic-voltammetry, Atomic Force and Electron Tunnelling Microscopy and organic molecular probes.

2. Developing analytical techniques for analysis of a variety of analytes. For example, Chlorophylls and Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons have recently been of interest.
Selected Publications
  1. D. Larkin, “Teaching Analytical Chemistry: Help Wanted”, Paper given at the 41st Eastern Analytical Symposium, October, 2002.
  2. D. Kaplan and D. Larkin, “The Use of AFM/STM to Study Underpotential Deposition Processes”, Poster given at the NCUR Meeting, March, 2001.
  3. D. Larkin, Y. Shnayder, and J. J. Topping, “Chlorophyll: A Focal Point for a Project–Based Laboratory Experience in Analytical Chemistry”, Paper given at the 39th Eastern Analytical Symposium, November, 2000.
  4. L.S. Johnson, C. Dutta, D. Larkin, and L.P. Mangurian, "Skeletal Development at the Time of Fledging in House Wrens", Paper given at the 115th Meeting of the American Ornithologists Union, August, 1997.
  5. C. Dutta, L.S. Johnson, D. Larkin, L.P. Mangurian, "Skeletal Development at the Time of Fledging in House Wrens", The Condor, 1998 100, 568-573. Link to Full Article

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