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David R. Ownby

Associate Professor
Environmental Chemistry

Office: 514D Smith
Phone: (410)704-2946


Education B.S. Chemistry (1995) Davidson College
M.S. Environmental Toxicology (1997) Clemson University
Ph.D. Marine Science (2002) The College of William and Mary
Postoctoral Fellow (2002-2004) Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Teaching Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 104)
General Chemistry I (CHEM 110)
General Chemistry II (CHEM 111)
Environmental Chemistry (ENVS 602)
Ecotoxicology (ENVS 640)
Research A general theme present in my research is the goal of developing models and utilizing novel statistical approaches to accurately predict the effects and fate of metals, both singularly and in combination in both aquatic and terrestrial systems. My research addresses issues of how the chemistry of a system affects the bioavailability of metals and the consequential affect of the metal on the organism.

More information is available on my webpage.
Selected Publications
  1. Brown, M., E. Dobbs, J.W. Snodgrass, D.R. Ownby “Ameliorative effects of sodium chloride on acute copper toxicity among Cope’s Gray Tree Frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) and Green Frog (Rana clamitans) embryos” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry , 31(4), 836-842. Link to Full Article
  2. Dobbs, E., M. Brown, J.W. Snodgrass, D.R. Ownby “Dependence of salt toxicity to Cope’s Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis) on water depth” Herpetologica , 68(1), 22-30. Link to Full Article
  3. Gallagher, M.T., J.W. Snodgrass, D.R. Ownby, A.B. Brand, R.E. Casey, S.M. Lev “Watershed-scale analysis of pollutant distribution in stormwater management ponds” Urban Ecosystems , 14(3), 469-484. Link to Full Article
  4. Zhou, D-M., L-Z. Li, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg, D.R. Ownby, A.J. Hendriks, P. Wang, D-D. Li “A QICAR approach for quantifying binding constants for metal-ligand complexes” Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety , 74(2011), 1036-1042. Link to Full Article
  5. Rodgers, D.W., S.M. Lev, J.W. Snodgrass, D.R. Ownby, L.M. Prince, R.E. Casey “An enriched stable isotope technique to estimate the availability of soil zinc to Lumbricus terrestris (L.) across a salinization gradient” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry , 30(3), 607-615. Link to Full Article
  6. Gray, E.P.*, S. Nunziata*, J.W. Snodgrass, D.R. Ownby, J.E. Havel “Predation on Green Frog eggs (Rana clamitans) by Ostracoda” Copeia , 2010(3), 452-456. Link to Full Article
  7. Lev, S.M., N. Matthies, J.W. Snodgrass, R.E. Casey, D.R. Ownby “Effects of zinc exposure on earthworms, Lumbricus terrestris, in an artificial soil” Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology , 84, 687-691. Link to Full Article
  8. Paul, J.C., P.A. Steinbach, D.R. Ownby “Distribution of mercury in a Gulf Coast lignite mine” Energy and Fuels , 22(6), 3949-3954. Link to Full Article

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