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Diversity Action Plan for Department of Chemistry

  1. I. The Department’s Diversity Action Plan is based on the principles elaborated in the Towson University Diversity Action Plan and the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Diversity Action Plan.
  2. II. The Department of Chemistry supports the achievement of the goals elaborated in the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics Diversity Action Plan.
  3. III. Of the Fisher College goals, the Department will develop additional plans in the areas of Faculty Recruitment, Faculty Retention and Student Retention.
  4. IV. Under Faculty Recruitment the Department will
  5. A. Develop a list of diversity-oriented sites for job posting.
  6. B. Seek guidance from the National Consortium of Higher Education on strategies for dealing with the “two-body” problem in faculty hiring.
  7. V. Under Faculty Retention the Department will encourage women and minority faculty to join female- or minority-oriented professional societies and seek funding for membership dues.
  8. VI. Under Student Retention the Department will publicize, publish in course syllabi and include on Laboratory Safety signature sheets its Laboratory Policy for Pregnant Students. A binder with MSDS data for chemicals used in laboratory courses will be completed.
  9. VII. The Department will establish a standing Diversity Committee to develop plans to achieve diversity-related goals, collect data and assess progress toward success.
  10. VIII. Links to the University, College and Department Diversity Action Plans will be added to the Department Website.
  11. (approved by Chemistry faculty 10/21/11)


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