Department of Chemistry
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The majority of instrumentation in the Chemistry Department is located in Smith 513/515.

Departmental instruments include:

  • AA Spectrometer - Thermo SOLAAR S4 (flame and graphite furnace)
  • CD Spectrometer - Jasco J-815
  • EPR - Varian E-12 X-Band
  • Fluorometer - Jobin-Yvon Fluoromax 4
  • FT-IR Microscope - Centaurus with Nexus 670 spectrometer
  • FT-IR Spectrometer - three (3) Nicolet 320/360/1621
  • GC-MS - HP 6890 with MSD5973 detector and autosampler
  • GC-MS - Agilent 7890a with 5975C MS and ECD detectors and autosampler
  • Genetic Analyzer - Applied Biosystems 3100 Avant
  • Ion Chromatograph - Dionex ICS-5000 with dual anion/cation capability and autosampler
  • HPLC - Shimadzu LC-20 (diode array and fluorescence detection) with autosampler
  • HPLC - Agilent 1200 (diode array and fluorescence detection) with autosampler and fraction collector
  • NMR - Jeol 400SS 400 MHz with autosampler
  • Optical Microscope - Nikon LV-100 polarizing fluorescence
  • qPCR - Applied Biosystems ABI Prism
  • UV-Vis Spectrometer - five (5) Varian Cary 50/100
  • Instruments shared with Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences Department:

  • ICP-MS - Thermo Elemental Plasma Quad Excell with autosampler
  • ICP-TOFMS - GBC OptiMass 9500 with cryocell and Cetac LSX-213 laser ablation system
  • X-ray Diffractometer - Bruker D8 Discover with GADDS
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer - Bruker AXS WDXRF
  • For a more complete list, please click the major instrumentation link below.

    Major Instrumentation


    Department of Chemistry
    Smith Hall 543
    Towson University
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