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Summer 2010

In summer 2010 we had a total of 8 students in the Biogeochemistry REU. Seven were supported by NSF funds and one additional student from Towson University was supported by other external funds.

Fraser Evans

Brown University, Geology/Physics/Math major
Mentor: Dr. David Ownby
Project: Effects of upland land use change on riparian zone tree growth.

Meaghan Gallagher

Lawrence University, Geology and Environmental Science major
Mentor: Dr. Steve Lev
Project: Effects of road salt on soil structure in stormwater retention ponds.

Benjamin Jones

Tulane University, Math and Environmental Science major
Mentor: Dr. Joel Snodgrass
Project: Toxicity of salt and other constituents of road deicers to the embryos and larvae of common amphibians.

Meagan Mazzei

Towson University, Forensic Chemistry major
Mentor: Dr. David Ownby
Project: Developing a copper isotope ratio method for estimating copper availability to Eisenia fetida.

Julie New

Towson University, Geology major
Mentor: Dr. Steven Lev
Project: Zinc distribution and effects on barley.

Julio Serrano

Montgomery College, Chemistry major
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Casey
Project: Evaluating Relationship between 68Zn/66Zn turnover rate and soil Zn toxicity in Lumbricus terrestris.
Updates: Julio completed his associates degree at Montgomery College and started a bachelors program in chemistry at University of Maryland, College Park.

Gabriel Skyrms

Wesleyan University, Earth and Environmental Science major
Mentor: Dr. Joel Snodgrass
Project: Investigating trace element chemistry in otoliths of blacknose dace, Rhynichthys atratulus, using LA-ICP-MS.

Kevin Speina

Manhattan College, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering major
Mentor: Dr. Shannon Stitzel
Project: Spectroscopic analysis of molecularly imprinted polymers and their interactions with metal ions.

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