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 (Effective Fall 2003)

In conformity with College Council Bylaws and the Faculty Handbook, the College of Health Professions Promotion and Tenure Committee administers the systems of faculty evaluation by implementing the provisions set forth in the document “Towson University Policy on Faculty Evaluation for Promotion, Tenure/Reappointment, and Merit” (Faculty Handbook, September, 1999).  Information pertinent to any individual’s tenure and/or promotion and/or merit appeal decisions will be held as highly confidential by all committee members. 

I. Composition of the Committee

A.             The College P&T committee shall consist of one representative from each department (five total) elected at large from the college for a period of three years. Terms will begin on June 1 and end on May 31 of their third year. These three-year terms will be staggered to insure some consistency from year to year. Eligible members include tenured faculty at the rank of associate and full professor. Faculty who are candidates for promotion or tenure and department chairpersons are not eligible. The Dean of the College shall serve as a non-voting member of this committee.

B.             Alternates for each position are elected by their respective departments for three-year terms. They serve only in the event of a special situation or long-term vacancy, as defined by the committee. Alternates must meet the same criteria as elected members.

C.             All eligible tenured and tenure-track faculty may vote for representatives to their college committee. Members of the College P&T committee are expected to serve as representatives of the University and not as delegates from a particular department.

D.             No one may serve on the CHP P&T committee who is at the same time a member of the University P&T committee.

II. Procedures & Responsibilities of the College P&T Committee

A.             Offices of the secretary and the chair are elected at the first meeting of the year.

B.             Decisions made by the CHP P&T committee are dependent on the standards and expectations for promotion, tenure and merit developed by each department. The committee recommends that departments utilize the “Towson University Guidelines for Development of Departmental Standards and Expectations for Teaching, Scholarship, and Service” found in the Faculty Handbook when developing their departmental documents. Additionally, the CHP has further defined scholarship within our College (see Addendum A to this document).

C.            Once a department has completed deliberations about a candidate and decided to recommend the candidate for promotion and/or tenure, the candidate’s materials (see Faculty Handbook, p. 57 Section C-4C, if the Chair submits “a substantive statement that either agrees or disagrees with the Department’s P&T Committee’s recommendation”, then the letter should be included with the faculty candidate’s documents that are forwarded to the College P&T Committee) and the departmental P&T documents regarding the candidate are forwarded to the Dean’s office in the specified format (see Addendum B to this document).

D.            The College P&T committee will review the promotion and tenure decisions of the departments for each candidate by comparing the candidate’s documents to the departmental standards and expectations for scholarship, teaching, and service.

E.            After careful review, each committee member will vote. Voting will be by open ballot. All decisions made by the committee must be made by a quorum of at least four members; the outcome will be decided by the majority vote.

F.            In the case of a tie vote, the case will be reviewed again by the entire committee and voted on a second time. This procedure will continue until the tie vote is broken.

G.            The committee will prepare a concisely written statement addressed to the Provost explaining the recommended decision.

H.           The recommended decision, (including a record of the numerical vote count), and a Dean’s statement (optional) will be sent by certified mail to the candidate’s home address by the deadline published in the University’s P&T calendar.  A copy of the letter is added to the candidate’s file.

I.              A copy of the decision letter concerning the promotion and/or tenure recommendation will be forwarded to the chair of the department.

J.          The candidate’s documents are forwarded to the Provost by the Dean.

K.          Appeals

1.     All appeals of departmental merit decisions are reviewed by the College P&T committee. They must be received in the Dean’s office within 15 business days of receipt of written notification of the decision. The appeal should address the substantive issues that led to the denial of merit.

2.     All appeals of departmental promotion and tenure decisions are reviewed by the College P&T committee. They must be received in the Dean’s office within 15 business days of receipt of written notification of the decision. The appeal should address the substantive issues that lead to the denial of promotion and/or tenure.

3.     Faculty members may contact their departmental representative or the chair of the College P&T committee to discuss the appeal process.

4.     The appeal decision will be sent to the faculty member by certified mail with return receipt by the deadline published in the University’s P&T calendar.

5.    A copy of this decision letter will be forwarded to the chair of the Department.

6.  Appeals of College P&T committee decisions about merit, promotion and/or tenure must be submitted to the Provost within 15 business days of receipt of written notification of the decision.

III.       Annual Report

A.     The chairperson of the College P&T committee will submit an Annual Report to the Dean, Chairperson, and Vice-Chairperson of the College Council. The report will include any policy and procedure changes and a general summary of the work of the committee. The content and deliberations of individual promotion and tenure matters and appeals will not be included in the Annual Report.

B.     Two copies of the Annual Report will be sent to the chairperson of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee.

Revised: 10/21/03

Addendum A


Definition of Scholarship

The College of Health Professions abides by the following definition of scholarship, which reflects the scholarship statements of the respective departments. Scholarship is defined as activities that require intellectual rigor and contribute to the academic/professional knowledge base. Faculty are expected to integrate their scholarship with the educational mission of the department, college and university. Scholarship activities may include:

1.             Development/application of clinical and professional skills including participation in activities related to clinical practice such as health assessment,  health promotion, habilitation, rehabilitation, and performance of skills that enhance teaching.

2.             Development/application of supervisory strategies as applied to clinical teaching, administration, fieldwork, and student teaching.

3.             Development/application of clinical/coaching programs, materials, methodologies, software, instrumentation.

4.              Research, including clinical, applied, and/or basic.

5.             Publications, solicited/non-solicited, refereed/non-refereed, professional/popular, within or related to the discipline.

6.             Presentations directly related to special fields of knowledge within the discipline, either initially developed or content appropriately revised.

7.             Grants: submissions, funding, and/or implemented.

8.             Curriculum or programmatic courses, projects, products, and teaching innovations within and external to the university.

9.             Editorship and review of scholarly works, program proposals, books, manuscripts, journal articles, grants, and student research.

10.           Participation in professional/academic education within or related to the discipline (e.g., completing the doctoral degree, workshops/seminars, and formal courses).

11.          Participation in local and/or national organizations: leadership, accreditation, mentoring, advisory functions, task forces related to special fields of knowledge within or related to the discipline.

Addendum B

College of Health Professions

Guidelines for Submission of Documents for Promotion and/or Tenure Review by the College Promotion and Tenure Committee and by the Dean

Each faculty member who is recommended for promotion and/or tenure at the department level will need to provide a notebook (a one-inch binder) of materials for review by the College Promotion and Tenure Committee members and the Dean.  Although this notebook of materials will be the primary basis for review at the College level, other supportive materials should be submitted in a supplementary notebook in order to allow for review.

The one-inch binder will have a cover sheet (on the outside) that identifies the faculty member, the department, the area of review (tenure and/or promotion and, if promotion, the rank to which promotion is sought), and the current academic year.  All materials must be typed and presented in the following order, with tabs for each section.  Materials must address the complete time period under review (e.g., time since last promotion, time since hire).  Faculty are advised to keep a copy of all materials submitted in this notebook.

Section I                      Narrative-reflective statement

Section II                    University Forms

All required forms must be presented in order from most recent to least recent, and must include all Annual Report forms, which include Workload Agreements (FAR and SSE forms and Workload Agreements from earlier years)

Section III                   Teaching and advising

                                    Summary of teaching and advising evaluations, including:

a.       student evaluations of teaching

b.       peer evaluations of teaching

c.       advising evaluations

Section IV                   Scholarship

a.       summary of scholarly activities

b.       copy of one recent publication

Section V                     Service

Summary of service activities, organized into categories such as University-level, College-level, Department-level, professional organizations, community (as appropriate)

Section VI                   Curriculum Vitae

Section VII                  Written recommendation(s) of:

a.       the department rank committee and/or tenure committee, including the Department Rank and Tenure and Merit Recommendation form

b.   academic chairperson (if prepared)

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