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Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

To be a preeminent leader in the education of health, human service, and sport-related professionals for practice, education, management, and research and in the provision of initiatives that support the integration of health, well-being, and education for a diverse population in Maryland and the United States. 

Mission Statement

The College of Health Professions is a major educational, research, and outreach resource for health and well-being in the University, the community, and the State of Maryland.

The College of Health Professions develops outstanding professionals at undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of health care, human service, and sport-related fields that promote and enhance health and human performance to assure well-being in a diverse world. CHP's graduates exhibit the highest ethical principles and professional behaviors in their application of knowledge and critical thinking and their proficient use of skills, communication and technology within disciplinary and interdisciplinary settings. They are committed to engaging in life-long learning and addressing health disparities and social justice.

The College of Health Professions contributes to the well-being of Towson University students, faculty, and staff and many off-campus communities through educational activities, applied research, professional practice, outreach, and key partnerships that enhance collaborative endeavors.

Decision-Making Principles

  1. Respect for all faculty, staff, and students - The College of Health Professions strive for an    organizational culture that appreciates diversity and inclusion that is grounded in shared governance and transparent decision-making and that recognizes the contributions of all.

  2. High standards and ethics- The College of Health Professions promotes high quality academic programs that are responsive to the needs of students and the workplace and encourages excellence in scholarship that informs the practice and future direction of health, well-being, and sport.

  3. Community responsibility- The College of Health Professions is committed to offering courses, programs and services that make a difference in the health and well-being of individuals and communities, including the Towson University population and surrounding areas.

  4. Collaboration and outreach- The College of Health Professions values interdisciplinary, inter-professional and interagency endeavors and actively engages both internal and external entities in creating partnerships that contribute to the health and well-being of the university and region.


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