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College of Health Professions Strategic Plan 2010-2016

Strategic Priority 1: Create nimble organizational structures and processes that are responsive to workforce needs and promote the well-being of people in a diverse world.

1.1.   Ensure that the academic, outreach, and administrative units of the College effectively support the priorities of the College.



1.2.    Ensure that the numbers and types of the College’s faculty and staff are aligned with the College’s strategic plan.


1.3.    Ensure that the College has appropriate structures and processes to consistently support applied experiences for students (internships, clinical, practica, service-learning, etc.) on and off-campus and which include interdisciplinary/interprofessional learning experiences for students and faculty.

1.4.   Collaborate with other Towson colleges to provide opportunities for CHP students and faculty and students and faculty from other colleges to enhance learning and impact on well-being in a diverse world.

1.5.   Assure a commitment to addressing diversity matters across the college via communications and actions.

1.6.   Assure shared governance in the College at all levels.

Strategic Priority 2: Prepare highly competent professionals who are committed to life-long learning, the development of knowledge, and leadership in addressing health, health disparities and social justice in their promotion of well-being in a diverse world.  


     2.1.    Ensure that CHP programs, courses, and other student experiences support students’       
                development of professional behaviors necessary to be highly competent professionals.


2.2.   Develop and sustain relationships with external partners that provide key experiences necessary for students’ preparation for entry into the workplace in professional roles.

Strategic Priority 3
:  Offer high quality, rigorous, dynamic academic programs that address well-being in a diverse world and key workforce needs of the state and region.

3.1.   Support students in enhancing their academic success and achieving their professional goals via CHP academic programs or via alternative plans.

  3.2.   Assure that students in undergraduate and in graduate programs in the College have reasonable access to specialized academic support services.

 3.3.   Meet and strive to exceed all accreditation, certification and program review requirements for CHP academic programs.

  3.4.  Ensure that CHP programs, courses, and other student experiences support students’ development of knowledge and skills necessary to be highly competent professionals.

3.5.   Provide programs, courses, and other student experiences that support opportunities for students’ development of leadership skills important for promoting well-being in a diverse world.

3.6.   Address the key health and wellness workforce needs of the state and region as well as the University’s enrollment growth via the mix of programs offered within the College.   


3.7.   Support student learning in service-related projects designed to promote well-being in a diverse world, with particular focus in underserved locations of the metropolitan area.     


3.8.   Ensure high quality opportunities for all Towson University students to enhance their knowledge and understanding of health and well-being issues through enrollment in core curriculum and other courses offered within the College.

3.9.    Increase CHP students’ exposure to international health and well-being issues via participation in academic opportunities and extracurricular activities.


Strategic Priority 4: Support outstanding faculty who demonstrate leadership in the integration of teaching, scholarship and service that promotes well-being in a diverse world via a direct focus on Towson University, the metropolitan community and the region.   Support outstanding staff who are committed to the mission and activities of the College. 




4.1.    Create an environment for faculty and staff that facilitates mentoring, scholarly dialogue, creative problem-solving, social action, and celebration.

4.2.    Support faculty in contributing to the mission of the College in a variety of models.

4.3.   To reflect the range of teaching, scholarship and service needs in our College, achieve a balance of faculty in appropriate numbers representing tenured, tenure-track, clinical, lecturers and adjuncts to effectively address the College’s goals.

4.4.   Design and implement a faculty development program to support faculty in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

4.5.   Implement a faculty awards program to recognize faculty who reflect excellence.

4.6.   Design and implement a staff development program to support staff in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

4.7.   Implement a staff awards program to recognize staff   who reflect exceptional performance.


Strategic Priority 5
: Develop, implement and evaluate high-quality community-based learning opportunities, applied research and outreach endeavors that enhance well-being in the metropolitan region and can be used to influence well-being in a diverse world.  Collaborate with key partners in many of these activities.


5.1.   Plan and operate an Institute for Well-Being via a facility in the Towson area that houses all interdisciplinary and center-based outreach programs of the College and which focuses on enhancing well-being of people in the community via programs, educational offerings and applied research.

5.2.   Support the health and well-being of the Cherry Hill community via a range of outreach endeavors that integrate student learning opportunities and faculty-student applied research.

5.3.   Encourage and support faculty and staff in applying for grant funding targeting underserved populations to promote service and research opportunities for students and faculty. 


Strategic Priority 6:  Increase knowledge of the impact of CHP programs and initiatives via communicating success stories in many venues.


6.1.   Develop a highly visible internal and external campaign to disseminate the brand “Promoting Well-Being in a Diverse World” for the College of Health Professions.

6.2.   Increase quantity and quality of communication to external and internal audiences regarding accomplishments and collaborative possibilities.


Strategic Priority 7:  Garner an appropriate mix of resources to support the mission of the College.


7.1.   Ensure that all facilities used by the College’s faculty, staff and students support the goals of the College.

7.2.   Ensure that all academic programs and outreach programs used for clinical teaching have current equipment, teaching materials and technology needed to support the learning goals of the students.

7.3.  Develop and/or enhance Advisory Boards/groups.

7.4.   Increase alumni involvement in the College’s activities.

7.5.   Increase grant and contract funding for CHP priorities.

7.6.   Increase donor gifts that benefit students, academic programs, outreach programs, faculty development and outreach.

Approved 9/26/2011

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