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Criminal Background Checks

General Instructions for Obtaining Background Checks

Prior to your internship or fieldwork placement, you may be required by the placement site to undergo a criminal background check.  You will be informed by your placement coordinator or course instructor if you need a background check, and what specific type of background check is needed for the facility.  Criminal background checks will be obtained at your own expense.

Towson University’s College of Health Professions does not require any student to undergo a criminal background investigation.  The requirement comes from the placement site.

If your placement is in a school system, either public or private, please contact the College of Education’s Center for Professional Practice (CPP) for instructions on how to obtain your criminal background check. You can contact the CPP by calling 410-704-2567 or visit its website at

If your placement is not in an educational setting, you will need to make your own arrangements to obtain your criminal background check. Some placements will require fingerprinting and/or drug screening in addition to a background check.  It is your responsibility to confirm the requirements of your site.

 Not sure what type of check to have? See the Student Guide Flowchart for help. 

You may go to any of the numerous private companies that provide criminal background checks.  Towson University’s College of Health Professions works with several companies, listed below, that you may utilize in order to obtain your background check.  These companies have no signed contract with Towson University but provide a portal for our students to make the process as efficient and inexpensive as possible.

Note: Many hospitals and health care organizations have chosen to adopt the policies and procedures recommended by the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA).  These facilities may require students to use a specific company called StudentCheck to obtain their background checks.  Other facilities accept criminal background checks from any company. Please refer to the list of facilities that have adopted MHA policies on the College of Health Professions website under “Internships and Clinical Placements” (

Student Check                

The results of the background check will be shared only between you and your placement site. Towson University will not have access to the results of your criminal background check.

In order to have a background check completed you must have:

     a computer with an internet connection

     Adobe Reader installed

     a credit card

     a valid email account

Detailed instructions are as follows:

StudentCheck - Instructions

1)      Type the following url into the address bar on your Internet browser:

2)      Select “Students”.

3)      From the drop-down menu select Towson University – College of Health Professions.

4)      Fill out all required information and select “continue”.

5)      Once the test is completed (about 48-72 hours), your placement site will be able to review the results. If your site rejects you on the basis of your background check results, StudentCheck will send you a letter and a copy of your report through registered mail. You will have five business days to respond, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Students should contact StudentCheck, and indicate they are refuting some information and would like to work with a company representative to resolve the disputed findings. Please provide your current mailing address on the online application. At the end of that five day period, your background check will be resubmitted to the placement site.  

6)      NOTE: You will ONLY receive a copy of your background check report if it contains adverse information. “Clear” background checks results are only available to your through a separate request and purchase.

7)      If your placement site requires you to complete drug testing, please pick up a lab slip (Chain of Custody form) from your academic department.  

8)      Take the Chain of Custody form to any Quest Diagnostics lab to have the drug test completed. Please be sure to have proper identification with you.

9)      The results of the drug test will be submitted to the placement site by StudentCheck.

You will not be allowed to initiate your placement until this process is completed and your site has accepted you.

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