Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Abuse Prevention Center


The mission of Towson University's ATOD Abuse Prevention Center is to create an environment conducive to academic success and wellness. Our mission is based on the knowledge that the campus is a complex community that influences the behavior of students. Students attempt to understand the campus community through their acquired psychological dispositions. The interaction between the individual student and the campus community is powerful in determining all sorts of student behaviors, including those relating to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.


  • Provide expertise in the development and coordination of ATOD education and prevention activities on campus
  • Support the Peer Education/Counseling Program on campus
  • Foster relationships with the Baltimore County ATOD prevention coordinator to support ATOD prevention and education activities within the community
  • Develop a mechanism for communicating and planning education and prevention activities with higher education institutions in the Baltimore metropolitan area as well as statewide
  • Implement a social marketing campaign to alter misperceptions of students regarding patterns of alcohol use on campus
  • Educate students about responsible choices and decisions regarding substance using behavior and overall student wellness

Be a Responsible Tiger

 Always remember to follow the Responsible Tiger Protocol (PDF). CALL, REMAIN, and COOPERATE.

More information on university policies can be found at the following websites:

A Message to Parents - Transitioning to college is a big adjustment for everyone. At Towson, we strive for that transition to be healthy and safe for all of those involved. Included in the document are talking points for conversations with your child and resources that are available to you.