At the College of Liberal Arts, we believe that advising is an indispensable component of our undergraduate students’ educational experience. It provides students with the support they need to explore and clarify their academic and professional goals.  Learning is enhanced when students work collaboratively with their advisors to plan and implement a program of study that reflects their intellectual interests, personal values, and career goals.

Academic Advising underscores the importance of academic advising across all four years in a strategic and progressive manner. The program is designed to meet students’ needs at different stages of their Towson experience. From the first year through graduation, each year has a different focal point: transition, focus, engagement and commencement.

In keeping with the spirit of  Academic Advising, each department has developed an advising program that reflects the specific requirements of the major. Advisors assist students in selecting courses for their major as well as those needed to complete their general education requirements. Undergraduates who have completed 60 units of study are required to confer with their major advisor before they register for classes for the following semester.

Every department has crafted a web-based introduction to the major which students can access in advance of meeting with their advisors. Students should also access and review their Degree Progress Report. By reviewing the requirements for the major and their progress toward completing degree requirements, students will be better informed when they meet with their advisors. Advisors not only discuss students’ overall educational plan, they also inquire about students’ career goals and suggest off-campus educational opportunities including study away, internships, and community service. By working closely with advisors, students increase the likelihood that they will complete the requirements for graduation in a timely manner.

To obtain departmental advising materials, please go to our Academic Departments & Programs page.

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