Through their support, Friends of the Liberal Arts provide students with an enhanced academic experience and vibrant learning opportunities


How does your participation make a difference?


When it comes to covering the real cost of a student’s education, tuition and state assistance are only the beginning. To experience the enriching activities that define the best colleges and universities, our students must rely on your generosity. It is only through the combined resources of tuition, state support and private contributions that Towson University can help its students develop their full potential.


More than 55,000 Towson alumni live and work in Maryland. Their leadership, service and processional skills are vital. A contribution to support the Friends of the Liberal Arts is an investment in the future of our community.


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What does your contribution support?


Your contribution of $100 or more confirms your membership in the Friends of the Liberal Arts. Your gift will enhance the learning environment of the College and directly benefit students and faculty. Among the purposes to which your gift may contribute are

  • Improved facilities

  • Enhanced technology

  • Guest lectures and programs

  • Internships and service-learning experiences

  • Undergraduate research opportunities

  • Support of student exhibits and publications

  • Community involvement

  • Faculty teaching programs and projects

  • Seminars and workshops

  • College events

And your gift will support our faculty as they

  • Integrate technology into the curriculum

  • Implement cutting-edge teaching/learning strategies

  • Assist our region in enhancing the quality of community life

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How will your gift be recognized?


Your gift will be acknowledged in Towson University’s donor listing and other college publications. In addition, you will

  • Be invited to attend lectures and campus events

  • Receive news of College activities

  • Join a Friends of the Liberal Arts event

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The College of Liberal Arts

Dean Terry Cooney teaching a History course in the new CLA technology demo roomThe College of Liberal Arts at Towson University continues to develop new opportunities for students even as it respects the educational traditions of Towson. As the faculty works to integrate ever-changing technologies into instruction, we will never forget the essential importance of face-to-face interaction and faculty engagement with students. As the new CLA building emerges on the campus, we have maintained and will maintain our commitment to classes of reasonable size allowing easy interaction.   And as we strive to remain responsive to the changing needs of the metropolitan region, we will also remember the intellectual objectives and individual capacities associated with liberal learning that are fundamental to nearly all parts of evolving occupational demands as well as to a healthy democratic society.

Chief executives, public and governmental agencies, and professionals often rank among the most important attributes needed in the work force

  • The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, especially in writing

  • The ability to think critically and analytically

  • An understanding of differences and of diversity

  • The ability to work effectively with others

  • Adaptability over time

These are some of the capacities developed most fully through liberal arts courses and programs. 

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What the College offers

Undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts select their program of study from more than 40 majors and acquire knowledge and abilities that can serve them throughout their lives.  The College also offers number of graduate programs for those seeking an advanced education, including working professionals in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  Throughout its programs, the College encourages students to shape their own educations, inviting their commitment to an active process that may be briefly described as follows: 


Students engaged with the Liberal Arts explore the world of ideas, values, and consequences.  They discover the complexities of cultures and institutions; they investigate structures of meaning and authority; and they map the understandings they are achieving.



Liberal Arts students develop the ability to think critically, to communicate effectively, to organize and analyze, to conduct research, to work as members of a team, to solve problems, and to value civility. With these tools, a student has the ability to examine assumptions freshly and to think outside artificial boundaries on ideas.


Students in the Liberal Arts are actively engaged in shaping their own learning, whether through classroom engagement, the construction of independent study courses, involvement with student organizations and projects, or study abroad experience.



Students in the College of Liberal Arts may collaborate with a professor on a research project, present research on campus or at a national conference, or publish creative or scholarly work in a campus magazine or journal.  A growing number of students engage in internships, service learning, and civic engagement projects.


An education in the Liberal Arts affects the quality of your entire life.  It liberates your mind, provides the power of choice, and proves eminently useful.  The skills and competencies that graduates acquire prove appropriate to varying job settings, for students develop along with their intellectual abilities the attributes of self-reliance and initiative.  In learning to recognize and understand differences in cultures and perspectives, Liberal Arts graduates prepare themselves to live and work in a complex metropolitan setting, in a multicultural nation, and in a globally interconnected world.

 Thank You for Supporting the Liberal Arts

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