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College of Education 

MEMORANDUM                                                                                                                       July 22, 1992

To: Mary-Ann Myrant

From: James Binko

Re: Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The College of Education

Towson State University has a distinguished history of service to the metropolitan community and the nation in preparing classroom teachers and education specialists. The majority of graduates from the College of Education enter America’s schools as teachers and specialists; however, careers for educators are also available in a variety of nonschool settings: government, industry, media production, military, correctional institutions, and other emerging fields. Many employers want employees who possess skills and understandings previously thought of as only necessary for classroom teachers: writing goals and objectives, preparing instructional programs, establishing criteria for assessment of programs, organizing print and nonprint materials, and preparing instructional materials.

Present and future graduates of the College of Education will spend the great majority of their professional lives in the twenty-first century; therefore, programs of study within the College are constantly assessed and reorganized to provide candidates with what we believe will be three essentials for professional success in the next century: (1) a challenging education in liberal arts and sciences; (2) in-depth content in a field of teaching specialization; and (3) professional education based upon current research and exemplary models of practice.

Consistent with the University’s emphasis on quality teaching, we expect our graduates to become teachers who are skilled as facilitators of active learning. To promote this goal, the faculty of the College of Education are committed to participate actively in the academic community as teachers, scholars, and advisors, and to use methods of instruction which emphasize active student learning.


James B. Binko, Dean

Frances T. Bond, Associate Dean

C: Steve Collier
Patricia Breivik



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