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Department of Educational Technology and Literacy (EDTL)

Reading Clinic

Who can benefit...
  • For children or adolescents who have learning difficulties.
  • For children or adolescents who are lagging behind their peers in reading and writing.
  • For children or adolescents who are not motivated to read for enjoyment and information.
  • For adults who never had the opportunity to learn to read and write; or who want to improve their reading and writing.
  • For people who want teaching of the complex process of reading, using all of the cueing systems (phonics, sentence structure, word meaning,etc.) with an emphasis on making sense of what we read.

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Applications due no later than February 2, 2015 via mail or emial. Clinic starts on February 17, 2015. Spaces are filled based on teacher needs. If you are not accepted, we will place you on our waiting list. For additional information, download document below.

What we provide...

  • The most up-to-date, success-oriented, and motivational techniques.
    • one-on-one evaluation and tutoring
    • one-hour sessions
    • weekly meetings
  • A lending library of high interest books and magazines.
  • The opportunity to discuss concerns you have with the teacher each week.
  • Home activities that reinforce the learning in fun and authentic ways.
  • A written list of recommendations at the end of each semester.
  • Participation in  parent workshops to help parents to learn new ways to help their children.
  • The opportunity to meet parents/guardians who have similar concerns and interest in their children's development.


  • A fee of $80.00 is due at the first session. This covers at least 10 sessions.
  • A deposit of $25 is also due the first session but is given back at the end of the semester if all Clinic materials are returned and the session is completed.

Who we are...

The clinicians who work in the Clinic are primarily experienced classroom teachers. All are enrolled in the graduate reading education program, studying for their masters degree as reading specialists. For more information on the M.Ed. in Reading, please call or E-MAIL the directors, Dr. Barbara Laster (410) 704-2556 or Dr. Stephen Mogge (410) 704-5771

Contact Information

Email the Clinic at or call the Clinic at (410) 704-2558. Leave your name, phone number and address. We will be happy to send you an application, or to answer any questions you may have.

This video is shown to teachers the first day of clinic to give them a brief overview of the clinic. Watch it to see the clinic in action.

Dr. Gilda Martinez-Alba
Director of Reading Clinic
Graduate Reading Program
Department of Educational Technology and Literacy
College of Education
Phone: 410-404-2480

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TU's Reading Clinic helps kids, students and parents. Read more.



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