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Cole Reilly

Assistant Professor

Office:   Psychology Building, Room 120
Phone:   410-704-5134

Cole Reilly

Dr. Cole Reilly is an assistant professor of education who truly loves to teach and learn. From Millersville University, he earned a pair of bachelor’s degrees (elementary education and special education) and later completed a dual-master’s program as well (in educational leadership and curriculum & instruction). Eventually he went on to earn a dual-title PhD from Penn State University in the fields of both curriculum & instruction and women’s studies.

An award-winning educator with more than a dozen years of K-12 classroom experience, Dr. Reilly cut his teeth as a teacher in a plethora of contrasting venues early on in his career. The settings he has worked in have run the gamut, from impoverished, inner-city elementary and middle schools to some extremely wealthy, suburban and rural ones. His students have ranged from a class full of ELLs in the form of kindhearted kindergarteners at a year-round migrant school to the young adults [labeled as “troubled teens” and “juvenile delinquents”] he taught at a specialty high school for students with severe emotional and/or behavioral disorders. He has also appreciated opportunities to work with students who have a broad range of exceptionalities, from running a school-wide enrichment program for talented and gifted students to providing tiered levels of inclusive and/or itinerant support to students with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Since coming to Towson University, Dr. Reilly often teaches methods courses and seminars to senior elementary education majors in addition to supervising preservice teachers throughout their yearlong internships in Professional Development School (PDS) partnerships. He also routinely teaches a curriculum course in social justice, diversity, and multiculturalism for masters and doctoral students at TU.

As seems to be the case with much in his work, Dr. Reilly’s interests represent a braiding of seemingly contrasting realms of thought. His research and scholarly work often draws upon the practitioner world of teacher preparation and professional development, focusing upon reflective growth among teachers, self-study, inquiry, and teacher identity development, as well as service learning, curricular (re)design, pedagogical discourse(s), and school climate. He likes to conduct empirical research that focuses upon matters of social constructivist meaning making around notions of gender(ing), sexuality, race, and class, as well as other matters of identity, equity, perspective, and socially just praxis in K-12 classrooms. He is equally passionate about employing innovative technologies with his teaching as he is in the ways he collects, analyzes, and interprets sets of data (e.g., via Studiocode).

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