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College of Education

Faculty Research

Faculty in the College of Education have varied research interests, which are listed below.

Altwerger, Bess

Qualitative Approaches to literacy and Instruction
Critical Pedagogy
Inquiry in Elementary Teaching/Teacher Education

Berkeley, Terry
Quantitative Program Evaluation; Policy analysis
Infant development
Leadership in human services
Ethics and Caring
Inter-national education

Blair, Karen
Reading, early
Intervention, early
Technology and Reading
Assessment, reading

Blake, Robert, Jr.
Case study,
Interpretative Science, teaching and learning
Classroom practice
Exemplary teaching

Bryant, Greg
Ethnographic Technology, special education
Teacher education
Student teachers
Technology, integration with methods courses
Discipline and classroom management

Cheeks, Celestine
Case study,
Quantitative Technology - Internet and K-16 curriculum
Media and children's literature
adaptive technology

Cole, Lynn
Ethnographic PDS experiences
Service instruction
Strategies and experiences that enhance pre-service teachers' development toward competency
Gifted children
Parent advocacy /nurturing

DellaVecchia, Roxana
Delphi Curriculum Theory - social responsibility
Global education, Hope
Educational Leadership
Qualitative Research

Fewster, Darlene
Quasi-experimental design Assessment, psycho-educational; assessment, neuro-psychological
Self and instructional planning
Inclusion strategies/interventions
Traumatic brain injury
Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder

Frieman, Barry
vary Fathering
Children at-risk

Gartland, Debi
Quantitative Special Education
Learning Disabilities
Classroom management
Emotional/behavioral disorders
Effective instructional practices

Hartzler-Miller, Cynthia
Qualitative - Ethnographic Case study Teacher Education, preservice
Subject matter preparation of teachers

Jones, Paul
Qualitative classroom observation of technology
quantitative surveys; Experimental correlational, Delphi Technology and student achievement
Program design
Assessment, developmental

Kalyanpur, Maya
Qualitative Cultural Diversity in Special Education

King, Nechie
narrative Personal narrative as a methodological alternative
Classroom Play

Kirmani, Mubina
Qualitative Technology-instructional technology. Multimedia design and development
Diversity in education
International education

Laster, Barbara
Qualitative models - case study,
Ethnographic survey research,
Open ended interviews,
Anthropology in education Literacy for adolescent, adult and "at risk" populations; literacy assessment; reading and writing of expository texts
Teacher development
Family literacy
Reading clinics
Religious diversity in educational settings

Lawlor, James
Vary Law, school
Foundations, education
Curriculum, Social Studies; Curriculum issues
Values education
Learning, Active Learning Strategies

Neubert, Gloria
Vary PDS, training effective teachers
Vocabulary in secondary school content areas
High school assessment test affecting change in teaching

Pitcher, Sharon
Family literacy
Teacher professional development
Literacy activities and Centers

Ports, Joan
Parent education
Child care
Staff development
Adult education - graduate students and non-traditional students

Proffitt, Thomas
Vary PDS
Educational Leadership - administrative, supervision and curriculum
Educational Policy
Staff development

Sadera, William
Case Study Research
Technology Integration
Preservice Teachers and Technology
Preservice Teacher Preconceptions
Conceptual Change
Applications of the Internet in Education
Distance Education
Critical Perspectives of Technology in the Classroom

Vocke, David
survey Co-Op learning
Effective teaching strategies
Social Studies Education
"at-risk" populations

Washington, Patsy
Qualitative At-risk children

Watson-Thompson, Ocie
PDS - effectiveness in preparation of teachers
PDS - Preservice teacher's attitudes
Preparation of African-American teachers

Wheeler, Edyth
Qualitative Young children's conflict resolution/peace education
Preparing teachers with a diversity perspective
Multiage grouping

Wiltz, Nancy
Qualitative Reflective thinking in preservice teachers
NAEYC accreditation
Quality child care

Wizer, David

Qualitative, use of email in Survey Research Technology impact
Technology and cooperative learning
Online communication and teacher education






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