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The four core learning goal statements see below are goals for the entire social studies program, K-12. They are not specific to a particular social studies course or grade-level social studies curriculum. Each social studies course presents a part of the whole goal statement appropriate to its objectives.


The student will demonstrate an understanding of the historical development and current status of principles, institutions, and processes of political systems. GOAL 2: PEOPLES OF THE NATION AND WORLD The student will demonstrate and understanding of the history, diversity, and commonality of the peoples of the nation and world, the reality of human interdependence, and the need for global cooperation, through a perspective that is both historical and multicultural. GOAL 3: GEOGRAPHY The student will demonstrate an understanding of geographic concepts and processes to examine the role of culture, technology, and the environment in the location and distribution of human activities throughout history. GOAL 4: ECONOMICS The student will demonstrate an understanding of the historical development and current status of economic principles, institutions, and processes needed to be effective citizens, consumers, and workers.

In order to assess the performance of Maryland high school students, core learning goal statements for Political Systems, Peoples of the Nation and World, Geography, and Economics have been expanded to included specific expectations, indicators, and content for each of the three state required courses. To see the Core Learning Goals, expectations, indicators, content, and sample assessment activities for each course, select one of the following:

Sections of this page were taken from:
    Maryland State Department of Education. (1996). Maryland school performance program high school core learning goals: Social studies. Baltimore: MSDE and the Montgomery County Public Schools Social Studies Web Page.

For more information on the Core Learning Goals: Social Studies, see this MSDE Web site.

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