Social Studies Skills 4th/5th: Indicator #2

Social Studies Skills: Fourth and Fifth  

Students will demonstrate an understanding of historical and current events using chronological and spatial thinking, develop historical interpretations, and frame questions that include collecting and evaluating information from primary and secondary sources.  

In the context of Maryland up to contemporary times and United States history through 1790, students are able to do everything required at earlier grades and are able to:

Indicator #2
Apply and organize information specific to social studies disciplines by reading, asking questions, and observing.    

An archaeological unit that involves reading, asking questions, investigating, observing and drawing conclusions from the Virginia Historical Society.

A lesson plan entitled, “what is history and why do we study it?”  Includes a power point presentation that can be easily downloaded and a comparison of the historical method and the scientific method

The students read a biography and collect information, several good references are available in the lesson plan, then develop a research product for class presentation

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