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COFAC Colloquium 8 — Friday, December 12, 2008 — Recital Hall, #3066

A Presentation of a Dance for the Camera and a Discussion of the Process which Produced It.

Greg Faller, Professor, Department of Electronic Media & Film
William Kleinsasser, Professor, Department of Music
Susan Mann, Professor, Department of Dance

Filmed ground level of danceDo You Like That? (2008) was a collaborative piece created by Susan Mann (choreography/dance), Greg Faller (film-making/digital editing), and Bill Kleinsasser (composer creating music based on musical improvisations by David Ballou and Michael Formanek). The three artists will discuss the difficulties and rewards of interdisciplinary collaboration and screen the film.

Susan Mann’s original choreography was adapted for the camera during three video performances and then shot on 16mm film. Greg Faller edited the footage to create a non-linear, reconstructed dance for the camera. Working directly with the dancer and filmmaker in each of these phases, Bill Kleinsasser then prepared video recordings of the original linear choreography as well as multiple copies of the reconstructed dance video, which were projected on recording studio walls in differently timed loops. David Ballou and Michael Formanek recorded free improvisations while watching these videos. For 50 minutes, the musicians moved from area to area in varying acoustic spaces within the studio watching different segments of the non-synchronized dance videos. This created a large amount of raw improvised musical material that was akin to the original choreography and the reconstructed dance on film.

Dance FilmThe resulting piece reflects collaborative creative processes in dance, film and music, and is intended to express the synergy and integration of live dance and music with the capabilities only possible in mediated digital video and audio editing.



The Arts Bring Hope

Katherine Broadwater, Professor, Art Education, Department of Art + Design, Art History

Kay Broadwater has just returned from a trip to Liberia, Africa where she had the opportunity to lead a ten-day professional development workshop with 21 teachers at New Hope International School and Orphanage in Dolo’s Town, Liberia. She also taught art to children from 3rd grade to 6th grade. The children had no prior visual art experience. The children and adults living in Dolo’s Town (outside Monrovia) have tremendous potential and hope even in the midst of devastation and extreme poverty. This colloquium presentation explores the power of the arts to break down barriers and assist in communication and hope for war torn Liberia. Explore perceptions regarding education in Africa and discover the many ways the arts can bring focus to the importance of place, culture and community issues. Educational research and resources are so scarce in Liberia that questions emerge regarding what it means to be a committed member of the global community.

Teaching at Towson takes on a Second Life

Bridget Z. Sullivan, Associate Professor, Director Interactive Media Design Center, Department of Art + Design, Art History
Jan Baum, Associate Professor, Coordinator Metals & Jewelry, Department of Art + Design, Art History

Bridget Z. Sullivan and Jan Baum, along with fellow collaborators, James Braman (COSC) and La Tonya Dyer (CIAT), represent a unique partnership working to introduce Towson faculty, students, administrators, and staff to the MUVEs (Multiple User Virtual Environment) Second Life™ as an enhancement to the educational experience of face2face and online students. Through an internally funded Teaching Innovation Grant award the SL Team has embarked on the establishment of the Towson Innovation Lab, an island in the NMC education region for the use of faculty collaborators, their students, and the Center of the Advancement of Instructional Technology outreach and training programs open to the university community.

Sullivan and Baum will discuss how bringing SL into the scope of their studio art courses provides their students with an international venue for research, an opportunity to attend events, and a showcase for marketing the results of their creative endeavors. While giving a tour of the Towson Innovation Lab in SL, the presenters will briefly overview SL activities in courses: ART365/765 Design for the WWW, ART641 Interactive Media Concept +Theory, and ART 370 Design + Production, as well as describe planned Towson Innovation Lab SL events and CIAT sponsored SL activities open to the university community. The presenters will also share information regarding: their collaborative relationship as early emerging technology adopters, faculty and student learning curve timeframes and strategies, and technical requirements for using Second Life in higher education.


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