Experience the Department of Music


If you've ever wondered what it is to be a music major at Towson University, our personalized visits to the TU Department of Music will give you the answer. We are opening our doors for prospective students to experience first hand the quality of our programs and instruction, and to learn from current music majors what it means to study music at TU. Come and experience a typical day in the life of our music majors. Meet and play for our distinguished faculty! Join our student ensembles in rehearsal! Learn about available scholarships and the admissions process! Ask questions and make friends with our current students! Parents are welcome to meet with faculty and the department's academic advisors.

"Experience the Department of Music" Visit Highlights

  • take a free lesson and meet faculty
  • visit classes
  • attend ensemble rehearsals
  • explore our campus and facilities
  • meet faculty and students
  • talk to our student advisors

Visit Registration and Information

Please fill out the registration form. A Music Professor will contact you soon to arrange your visit on a day of your preference. If you are coming form a different state, you might considering staying at the Marriott hotel on campus.