Admission & Audition Requirements

student playing flute

As you know, the music major is a screened major. We hope you will take this opportunity to become familiar with our many ensembles, degree programs, and course offerings. Admission to the music major is granted by the department, contingent upon a performance audition. Don't be nervous! Our faculty and staff are eager to welcome you to campus and help you through the various aspects of the audition process. (Note that admission to the university does not guarantee acceptance as a music major or minor.)

Additional Admission Materials Pertaining to Specific Programs and Concentration Areas

Note that certain concentration areas and degree programs have additional admission requirements in addition to the Music Department application and audition. Click on a link below if your concentration area or degree program is listed to find out what the additional requirements are.

Reference Sources for Prospective Music Majors

  • So You Want to Be a Music Major: A Guide for High School Students, Their Guidance Counselors, Parents and Music Teachers, by Robert Franzblau
  • Majoring in Music: All the Stuff You Need to Know, by Rich Holly
  • Career Opportunities in the Music Industry 6th ed., by Shelly Field
  • 100 Careers in the Music Business 2nd ed., by Tanja L. Crouch