News & Events


* Laura Pazuchowski and Lindsey Griffith will be presenting a short performance "PLLR" as a part of the (Re) sounding Bodies symposium at University of California at Davis on May 18-20, 2017. This 20-minute piece examines space and time through the use of lamps. 

* Duff Norris, Lindsey Griffith and Laura Pazuchowski are working with the graduate students from MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) and Peabody Institute. They will present the collaborative performances on April 9th, 2:00pm at Walter's Museum of Art. FREE.

* Sara B. received a recognition from  DC Metro Theatre Arts  for her sound design work " Edith can shoot things and hit'them" at Iron Crow Theatre in Baltimore.  "... reinforce the sense of time and place, as well as providing cover for smooth transitions between scenes." 


* Susan Stroupe (2012) directed Submersive Theatre's site-specific theatre "H.T. Darling's Incredible Musaeum Presents: The Treasures of New Galapagos, Astonishing Aquisitions from the Perisphere". Click here for the fabulous review from Baltimore City Paper!

* Rohaizad Suaidi (2001) is back in Baltimore! He has received a recognition from  DC Metro Theatre Arts  for the role of Kenny he played in " Edith can shoot things and hit'them" at Iron Crow Theatre. He will be appearing in Single Carrot's "Promnade: Baltimore" in June 2017.

* Monique Holt (2010) just completed translating "Hamlet" for Charles Fee of Great Lakes Theatre Festival. In February, she will be in Burgundy, France to coach and supervise the American actors signing in French and Russian Sign Languages for a "Tolstoy-based story" film. In June, 2017 She will be co-facilitate TCG: Theatre Communication Group’s 27th Annual National 3-Days Conference in Portland, OR.

* KT Peterson (2010) is developing a new musical called LIGHT & SHADOW at Theater On the Square in Indianapolis in collaboration with Tony Guerrero. She is working on her first novel, teaching Playwriting, and will be producing a new play in Fringe season called FAITH, IOWA.

 * Zach Trebino's (2016) "Story of My Eye", which was originally produced at Towson Univeristy, was presented at Philly Fringe Festival in September 2016.

* Mara Neimanis (2006) received a 2015 Ruby award for to"Cross Over Stories", a series of three onsite aerial performance pieces designed to transform Baltimore urban spaces into innovative performance spots.

* Lola Pierson (2013) received a 2014 Ruby award to support “A Day by Yourself,” a collection of 12 short stories that embrace action, tone and other theatrical elements as expressed through language. The structure of the work will be cumulative rather than relying on a linear narrative, and will present a series of literary snapshots, constructing a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. 

* Temple Crocker (2006) received a 2016 Ruby award for "Come Shining", a performance and installation where the stories of older adults living with dementia and memory loss are embodied and shared.