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The courses allow children with exceptional intellectual ability to extend their existing fund of knowledge through first-hand experimentation and creative experiences.  The courses provide children with an earlier, more in-depth, and more multi-faceted perspective than is usually available in traditional educational settings.  The courses are challenging, but developmentally appropriate for each two-year age range.  Above all, courses are FUN!    Perhaps the greatest benefit for children is the opportunity to enjoy the company of intellectual peers.  Courses are designed and taught by practicing professionals, and public or private teachers.  Courses are different for each summer. 

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Parenting Course - Parenting the Gifted Child

This course is for parents whose children are enrolled in College for Kids.  While your child is attending College for Kids, join other parents and discover answers to questions about gifted children.  Who are they and how are they identified?  How does their giftedness impact on their school and family environments?  How do major issues in gifted education relate to your child's future?  What vocabulary do you need to communicate effectively?  Analyze your child's needs and develop a productive plan of action.  Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a personal advocate for your child.  



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