'bout Botany - Comments and Photos

Here's what the children are saying:

What is the most amazing fact you have learned?

·        “There is a plant that can clear up your sinuses” – John

·        “The most amazing thing I’ve learned was the photosynthesis equation.” – Josh

·        “How plants germinate” – Stephanie

·        “Jewel weed can cure the itch of poison ivy.” - Jason

What did you do that was the most exciting?

·        “Most exciting was working in the Glen.” – Josh

·        “I liked doing the fast plants.” – Alanni

·        “I like growing the fast plants.” – Meredith

·        “Blowing up something and the turtle, that was fun too. – Emmett

·        “Playing with the turtle” – Andrew

·        “Learning about big words” - Stephanie

·        “We grew our own plants. “ – John

·        “We grew our own plants.  We grew fast growing plants and radishes.” - Jason

 What is the best thing about College for Kids?

·        “Being able to be with people your age and learning about stuff.” – John

·        “Being able to be outside with kids your age, like John.” – Jason

·        “The best thing was meeting new people like Mrs. Teale and Mrs. Kelly.” – Josh

·        “Learning” – Alanni

·        “Learning new stuff” – Meredith

·        “Blowing things up; we’re going to blow something up.” - Emmett

·        “The best thing is that everyone is nice” - Andrew