Night Creatures - Comments and Photos

Here's what the children are saying:

What is the most amazing fact you have learned?

·            “That bats are helpful and can pollinate fruit.” – Derui

·            “How to find bones.” – Keegan

·            “That they catch bugs with their feet and clean their teeth with their feet.” – Brennan

·            “That owls digest their food out of their mouth.” – Ethan

·            “The red-eyed tree frog is a nocturnal creature and its eye has a vertical slit.” – Alexis

·            “I learned that fruit bats help bananas grow!” – Sophia

·            “Bones can be any size.” – Avery

·            “That crepuscular means awake at dawn and dusk and nocturnal means active at night.” - Jack

What did you do that was the most exciting?

·            “Getting to touch the bat.” – Keegan

·            “Learning about bats from the guest speaker.” – Deui

·            “Touching the fruit bat and getting the bones.” – Brennan

·            “We got to find bones in owl pellets.” – Ethan

·            “I got to touch a fruit bat and I got to dissect an owl pellet – which is gross.” – Ava

·            “I liked dissecting the owl pellet – I found a vole.” – John

·            “Touching a real fruit bat!” – Avery

·            “I got to touch a raccoon.” – Andrew

·            “I liked dissecting an owl pellet – I found a shrew skull.” – Jack

 What is the best thing about College for Kids?

·         “We get to do special stuff for our parents on Friday.” – Ethan

·         “That we get to learn about night creatures.” – Sophia

·         “We got to see a bat skeleton” – Avery

·         "We get to have fun here" - Ava

·         “We get to learn a lot of fun things.” – Ethan