Dinosaur Detectives - Comments and Photos

Here's what the children are saying:

What is the most amazing fact you have learned?

·                “That fossils are underground everywhere.” – Lindsey

·                “How hard a paleontologist has to work to dig for fossils.” – Lily

·                “That dinosaurs do not fly or swim.” – Shalini

·                “That dinosaurs have scaly and rough skin.” – Le’la

·                “That volcanoes” erupt and make a big cloud of dust.” - Jasmine

·                “Dinosaurs don’t live anymore” – Adam

·                “Dinosaurs are extinct” – Michael

·                “Volcanoes can make fossils” – Luke

·                “Fossils can form in mud” – Teddy

·                “I’ve learned that all the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period had some type of protection” – Reuben

What did you do that was the most exciting?

·                “The most exciting thing was making a dinosaur footprint.” – Jasmine

·                “Digging in cookies.” – Lindsey

·                “Making the volcanoes.” – Le’la

·                “Making my fossil in the play dough.” – Lily

·                “Learning about volcanoes.” - Shalini

·                “Erupted a volcano” – Teddy

·                “We made a volcano erupt” – Luke

·                “Everything was the most exciting.  I just love this place.  It was fun” – Reuben

·                “Watching the volcano erupt!” – Michael

·                “Watch the volcano erupt” – Adam

 What is the best thing about College for Kids?

·                “Learning all about dinosaurs.” – Lily

·                “Chipping at chocolate chip cookies and exploding a volcano.” – Lindsey

·                “Learning about volcanoes and watching one explode. – Le’la

·                “Making different dinosaurs.” – Jasmine

·                “When we ride the elevator” - Shalini

·                “Learning about dinosaurs that are extinct” – Michael

·                “Everything!” – Luke

·                “That I get to learn and it’s a lot of fun” - Adam

·                “That you get to learn a lot of things” – Reuben

·                “The dinosaur toys that we are allowed to play with” - Teddy