Awesome Apoidea - Photos

Most amazing fact you learned at College for Kids:

I learned that bees collect nectar. –Adelaide

I learned that bees have 6 legs and 3 parts of its body. –Christopher

A bee starts as an egg and grows. –Samara

A queen bee is important because they help seeds grow. –Carleigh

Beeswax is used to make candles, soap and ornaments. –Adelaide, Samara and Alexander


Most exciting thing that I did at College for Kids:

When the guest speaker came in and showed us stuff about bees. –Adelaide

When we made the pollen collectors and went outside to use it. –Alexander

I liked when we took the picture by the tiger. –Alec

When we used the computer to write about bees. –Sean


The best thing about CFK:

We do a lot of fun things. –Adelaide

We learned a lot about bees. –Victoria