Captivating Caves

Most amazing fact you learned at College for Kids:

Caves have more birds than I thought, like bats and swallows. –Keegan

Creatures live way far back in the cave. Most of them are blind. –Lily

I learned that there is a creature called a bat bug. And cave pearls! –Sage

Most exciting thing that I did at College for Kids:

I liked going in the cave. –Nick

Eating rock candy. –Will

Making a cave shrimp with model magic. –Reuben

Going into the tent. –Taylor

 The best thing about CFK:

Learning different things. –Lindsey

We get to do a play on Friday. I get to be the cave spiders and my brother gets to be the cave dwelling ratsnake. -Brennan

The science experiments. I just like to do science experiments. I think that they are very fun. –Bella

Learning about caves and all the different kinds that there are.  –Le’La

Getting to learn about new things that I never knew were in caves. –Graham