Stream Study      

Most amazing fact you learned at College for Kids:

We can save the Earth. Also that certain animals can only live in certain environments. –Stephanie

I learned that craneflies come from larva. –Julia

That there are lots of streams at Towson University. –Billy

Most exciting thing that I did at College for Kids:

Going to the stream and holding a salamander. –Joshua

I  caught and held a crayfish. My partner and I also caught a fish. –Billy

Going to the stream and finding all sorts of invertebrates. –Gregory

My flat worms. They are the most cool thing ever! –Joshua

Getting a water strider to start walking. –Stephanie

Going in the stream and catching a salamander. –Julia

 The best thing about CFK:

Looking at small weird insects and going to the stream. –Samuel

I liked making watersheds. I liked looking at bugs with microscopes. It is my last year. I am going to miss it a lot. -Joshua