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Most amazing fact you learned at College for Kids:

A new born has more bones than a 7 year old. –Fotenie

The brain is 3 lb s. –Margaret, Sarah, John

I had no idea the heart was an organ. –Rachel

A newborn baby has 307 bones. –Alexis

That chickens are slimy. –Ava

A rat’s brain weights about 2 pounds. –Thomas

The baby’s skull is open at the top when born. –Julian

Most exciting thing that I did at College for Kids:

I liked making a pretend heart with tubing and a water bottle. –Fotenie

I liked the heart thingy too. I also liked dissecting a chicken wing. –Margaret

Dissecting a raw chicken. –Rachel, Alexis, Julian

Making my heart and trying to make it breathe 68 times a minute. –Thomas

Making cells—it was cool to see the colors they turned into in a few day. –Ethan

Dissecting the chicken leg. I liked it because I never looked at a raw chicken inside before. –Matthew

I enjoyed the “pumping heart” activity where we used basters, tubes and bottles. –John

Making cells because I got to use the candies. –Sarah

Dissecting the chicken because it was awesome. –Ava

 The best thing about CFK:

Doing fun experiments and learning new things. –Fotenie

That it’s awesome! –Margaret

Learning a lot. –Rachel

Making new friends. –Sarah

You get to see, hear and dissect awesome stuff. –Ava

You get to do fun stuff. –Alexis

You learn by doing things. It helped me learn better. –Matthew

It’s educational in a fun way. –John

We got to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy videos during snack time. –Thomas

I got to learn about what my mom and dad are doing (dad is a doctor; mom is a nurse.) –Julian