The Association of Towson Composers
Who We Are:
The Association of Towson Composers (ATC) is made of the music composition students at Towson University.  For these composition students, membership into the ATC is automatic upon acceptance into the program.  The ATC is also open to music majors who have supported the student composers in some way.  Many of our non-composer members have read, recorded, performed, or conducted student works at Towson University.  The ATC also has a faculty adviser.  Dr. William Kleinsasser, head of the composition program, has served as the ATC's advisor since its inception.

What We Do:
The ATC is dedicated to providing Towson composers with the tools necessary for the creation of the highest quality work.  In the past, we have received funding for a spiral binding machine, printing and copying costs, guest speakers, and recording materials.  We are currently looking at ways to expand out activities including community outreach and education and creating a collection of new music scores.

The Towson University Music Composition Streaming Project:
This link takes you to the Composition department's Music Streaming site.  From there, you can listen to original works by the members of the Association.

The Towson University Composition Program:
If you're interested in more information about the Towson University Composition Department, click the link above.

Our Constitution and By-Laws: