Computer Laboratories

This Page Last Updated:  06/30/2011

On May 21, 2003, after having moved from Stephens Hall to Cook Library and back again to Stephens Hall (while also occupying space in Enrollment Services and the Stephens Hall Annex), COSC moved once again – this time to a new home in the freshly renovated 7800 York Road Building.  The new building houses all COSC faculty and staff offices, departmental support space, classrooms and computer laboratory facilities. 

COSC’s 2003 summer course offerings (classroom and laboratory courses) were held at 7800 York Road; and all departmental facilities were available and in full operation in time to effectively handle the department’s fall 2003 course offerings.  A new six level-parking garage with a capacity of 1,100 faculty, staff and student parking spaces has direct access to the new building via a third floor walk-way leading from the garage to 7800 York Road.

COSC occupies most of the 3rd and 4th floors of this newly renovated academic building.  Instead of having our faculty members stretched across three campus buildings, all full-time and part-time COSC faculty will be able to work together in support of their students and faculty research. Networked printing stations, a departmental library, conference and seminar facilities, and small group presentations facilities are available, and in close proximity to the main department office and all faculty offices. COSC also hosts six new Smart Lecture Classrooms in 7800 York Road.  One of these classrooms has a capacity of 60 student seats while the remaining five will accommodate 40 students each.  All classrooms have an instructor’s station with a networked PC (sound and DVD capable), and a computer projection system with VHS and overhead projection capabilities.

Fifteen computer laboratories are available to provide support for COSC programs and student coursework.  Many of these facilities are designated as Teaching Labs where faculty work with students to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the department’s many computer lab intensive courses (Computers and Creativity, Information and Technology for Business, Visual BASIC, and a myriad of programming, security-related, and web design courses). Each Teaching Laboratory hosts 30 student computer stations plus one instructor’s station.  All PCs are outfitted with the software needed for our students to successfully complete their course requirements.  Like the smart classrooms in 7800 York Road, the instructor’s station in all Teaching Labs will also consist of a computer projection system so that COSC faculty can provide instructional presentations for their students.  Several computer laboratories are  designated as “Project Labs”:  most notably the COSC Graduate Project Lab and the COSC Undergraduate (Majors) Lab where Graduate and Undergraduate students will have the dedicated facilities needed to complete coursework outside of their regularly scheduled class times.  Many of the computers in these labs maintain special hardware and software setups insuring that students have the precise tools needed to complete a variety of special projects geared toward their coursework. 

The YR 403 and YR 407 COSC Project Labs are restricted to those students currently enrolled in COSC courses.  Please always feel free to see the COSC Lab Assistant in YR 407 if you have any problems or questions.

Other more specialized facilities include the COSC Security Lab, a Linux Projects Lab,  The Robotics Lab,   The Universal Usability Lab,   Faculty Development Lab, Special Project Labs for Students, and an  Academic Achievement Lab  which hosts the COSC Tutoring Help-Desk.