Computer Laboratories

Spring  ~  2013

The "New" Building at 7800 York Road

Laboratory Teaching Schedules

Being informed as to current COSC Laboratory teaching schedules will allow you to organize your study time wisely and determine when you can work in the labs and around the teaching lab schedules. Laboratory Teaching Schedules are subject to change without notice as additional sections of COSC lab courses are scheduled in the computer laboratories. Feel free to call (410) 704-2424 to verify lab times and availability. 

Click below to see the current teaching lab schedules for ............

The COSC YR 203 Hardware Lab The COSC YR 305 Collaborative Learning Lab

The COSC YR 302 PC Teaching Lab

The COSC YR 402 Majors Lab
The COSC YR 303 PC Teaching Lab The COSC YR 405 Security Lab
The COSC YR 304 Linux Lab

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