Computer Laboratories

"Policies and Procedures"


HOURS of OPERATION will be posted outside the main entrance of the Lab, and are also posted on the COSC Labs Home Page.

UTILIZATION of the Computer labs, and all facilities therein, is restricted to those students currently enrolled in COSC lab courses.

Only the software loaded onto the hard-drives may be used on these machines. Students may not use other software packages on these computers. Students must not boot these hard-drive computers from a diskette.  TU software, hardware, manuals, supplies, or materials of any kind, may not be removed from the labs.

Food, drink, and smoking are prohibited from all lab areas at all times.

Posted instructions must be followed exactly.

The responsibilities of the COSC Lab Assistants will be to assist students working in the labs as to the proper operations of  PCs and peripheral devices, and help insure the security and integrity of the labs. COSC Lab Assistants will assist you to the extent that they possibly can; but, individualized and extensive tutoring should not be expected of them.

Only Lab Assistants should load paper into printers, or adjust printers or monitor screens. Please alert a Lab Assistant if these items require attention.

PRINTER OPERATIONS: Laser printers are provided for your use in completing COSC laboratory assignments.

    LASER PRINTERS are to be used only by COSC students currently enrolled in COSC courses for the printing of COSC laboratory assignments and COSC homework: Printing of assignments and term papers for courses outside of COSC is prohibited. Printing of personal work (resumes, letters, schedules, etc.) is prohibited. Unless specifically directed to do so by your instructor, printing of web pages and personal e-mail is prohibited. COSC Labs does not support the printing of Faculty Lecture Notes and/or web pages. When printing PowerPoint presentations, please print in "Handouts" mode, 6 slides per page.

STUDENT COOPERATION: To preserve the rights of responsible students - and per Maryland state law - anyone discovered deliberately sabotaging computer hardware, tampering with the software ("hacking"), or, making copies of copyrighted COSC laboratory software, is hereby forewarned as to the following statement concerning ethical computer use: IN MARYLAND, BILLS 121 AND 779 WERE SIGNED INTO LAW BY THE GOVERNOR IN 1984, DEFINING CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT RELATED TO COMPUTER ABUSES. BILL 121 AMENDED ARTICLE 27 S45A OF THE ANNOTATED CODE OF MARYLAND MAKING A CRIME THE WILLFUL UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS AND ABUSE OF AUTOMATED PUBLIC RECORDS, THE DEFINITION OF WHICH INCLUDES COSC HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE. THE OFFENSE IS PUNISHABLE BY UP TO $1,000.00 FINE AND THREE YEARS IMPRISONMENT. Clearly, the law views computer abuses very seriously, and provides for severe penalties.

FIRE DRILLS: In the event of a fire-drill, or any such occurrence necessitating evacuation of the COSC labs, please follow this procedure:

  • immediately upon hearing the fire-drill alarm (please don't wait to be told),  leave all lab materials and supplies at your microcomputer station;

  • calmly and quickly exit the lab taking your personal belongings with you, and leave the building via the nearest exit;

SCHOOL CANCELLATION / SNOW POLICY: Whenever the university announces that "Towson University is closed" or "Classes are Canceled", the COSC Computer Laboratories will also be closed.

CELL PHONES should be set to "tickle / vibrate" mode so that they do not ring in the labs. If you take an incoming call on your cell phone, please step into the hallway to conduct your conversation..

Any concerned parties wishing to listen to AUDIO in the labs should use HEADSETS so as not to disturb other users.

When finished working at your station, you are responsible for logging off your PC, and leaving your microcomputer station organized and litter-free.

Student Users should have their PCs logged off and workstations straightened up ten minutes prior to the posted closing time so that the COSC Lab Assistants can secure the labs in a timely manner.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions,
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