Computer Laboratories

Policies and Procedures Excerpt


"Use of COSC Laser Printers"

PRINTER OPERATIONS: Laser printers are provided for use by COSC students completing COSC laboratory assignments.

LASER PRINTERS are to be used only by COSC / CIS students currently enrolled in COSC courses for the printing of COSC laboratory assignments.

Printing of assignments and term papers for courses outside of COSC is prohibited.

Printing of personal work (resumes, letters, etc.) is prohibited.

Printing of  instructor's lecture notes is not supported.

Unless specifically directed to do so by your COSC instructor, printing of any and all Internet files, WWW Pages, and E-mail is strictly prohibited.

Unless specifically directed otherwise by your COSC instructor, any and all PowerPoint Presentations MUST be printed in either "OUTLINE" mode or HANDOUTS (6 SLIDES PER PAGE) mode.

If you have a legitimate
COSC / CIS homework assignment or laboratory assignment,
please see the Lab Assistant in YR 407
so that they can release that print job for you.