Sixth ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence, Networking, and Parallel/Distributed Computing (SNPD2005)

May 23 - May 25, 2005
Towson University, Maryland, USA

Day 1 of Conference ~ May 23, 2005

Program Co-Chair, Dr. Yeong-Tae Song, Dept of Computer & Information Sciences, Towson University  Dean Intemann and Dr. Karne, Towson University  Dr. Con Kenney, Keynote Speaker    Dr. Chao Lu, Dept Chairperson and Conference Co-Chair, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Towson University
Introducing the Provost  Dr. James F. Brennan, Towson University Provost
Introducing the Keynote Speaker      Keynote Address: "Transforming IT:  A Framework for Changing Strategy, Practice, and Culture in IT Organization" 
      Dr. Song and Professor Schroeder-Thomas
Conference Registration           

Day 2 of Conference ~ May 24th, 2005

Drs. Song and Karne Greet the Keynote Speaker 


Dr. Song Reviewing the Day's Agenda 

Dr. Lu Introduces Dr. Linda Wilbanks, CIO of the NNSA

Keynote Address: "Looking to the Future of IT"       

Preparing for the "Voice Over IP" Session    Working Lunch & Panel Discussion:  "VoIP Technology"    Michele Madden & Erica Brazier, Dept of Computer & Information Sciences, Towson University 


Day 3 of Conference ~ May 25th, 2005

Dr. Shiva Azadegan, Session Chair and Presenter, Towson University 

Dr. Lu Greets Dr. Naohiro Ishii, Aiuchi Institute of Technology, Japan       

Dr. Ishii:  "Animation Creation in Computer Software Programming Education and its Evaluation"   Dr. Goran Trajkovski, Towson University, Presenting:  "Extending MASIVE: The Impact of Stress on Imitation-Based Learning"     

Ms. Jin Ahn, COSC Laboratory Assistant at Towson University, Department of Computer & Information Sciences