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Nearly all college students encounter difficulties at some point throughout their time in college. In addition to the difficulties encountered by the majority of college students, Latina/o college students might encounter unique challenges that are connected to their minority status on campus as well as the population at large.

Some of the challenges that Latina/o college students may face include:

  • Perceiving the university environment as unwelcoming
  • Balancing between family obligations and academic/extracurricular demands
  • Maintaining motivation to persist to graduation in the face of obstacles and barriers
  • Low confidence in one’s abilities to succeed in college
  • Limited financial resources
  • Distress resulting from experiences of discrimination and/or prejudice
  • Exploring one’s identity with regard to ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Stress related to navigating both U.S. American values and customs and those from one’s culture of origin

These challenges are normal for Latina/o college students adjusting to the campus environment. To assist you in coping with these challenges, you might consider using the resources below:

Campus Services

  • Center for Student Diversity (University Union, Room 313). The Center for Student Diversity supports the access and academic success of historically under-represented groups through programs and services that enhance the student experience. Santiago Solis is the Senior Director of the Center and leads the Latina/o Student Development area. For more information, visit the center website.
  • Career Center (7800 York Road, Suite 206; phone 410-704-2233). Contact the Career Center for resources and assistance with choosing a major, making career decisions, and developing connections to the world of work. For more information, visit the center website.
  • Academic Achievement Center (Cook Library). The Academic Achievement Center is a full-service learning center designed to assist students achieve their academic goals. The Center offers tutoring, workshops, academic coaching, and placement testing. For more information, refer to the center website.
  • Towson University Counseling Center (Glen Esk, phone 410-704-2512). For support as you adjust to Towson or for mental health services call or visit the Towson University Counseling Center. For more information, refer to the center website .

Off-Campus Services

  • CASA de Maryland (CASA dem Maryland website)
  • CASA de Maryland Multicultural Center: 8151 15th Ave., Hyattsville, MD 20783; Tel: (301) 431-4185; Fax: (301) 408-4123
  • Salud es Vida Bilingual Health Hotline: (8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday) Tel: (301) 270-8432

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